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01-13-2005, 03:21 PM
I'm 20, 5'9"ish, 160 lbs
Like all of us here, I desperately want to get into my optimal shape. I've come to the conclusion that maybe counting my calories will help tremendously.
Here is my daily diet:

Morning(6ish or 7ish)
Go Lean Cereal w/skim milk 280cal,3gfat,48gcarb,8gfiber,18g protein
or Oatmeal
plus a banana 110,28gcarb,3g fiber,2g protein

Snack (after first class, either 9ish or 10ish)
Protein bar 280cal,8gfat/5gsat,21gcarb/2g fiber,23g protein

Lunch (either 12ish or 2ish)
2 whole eggs + 2 egg whites 162 cal,9gfat/3gsat,18g protein
with 2 slices whole wheat bread 160cal,28gcarb,8gfiber,8g protein

Cardio or working out

Snack (after running or working out)
Protein shake w/milk 290 cal,3gfat,1gsat,27gcarb,41g protein

Dinner (7ish or 8ish)
Chicken,Broccoli,Brown rice 433 cal,3gfat,52gcarb,6gfiber,47g protein

Before Bed (11ish or 12ish)
NF cottage cheese 160 cal,2.5gfat,1.5sat,15gcarb,20g protein
+ NF Yogurt
+mixed frozen berries

hmm according to my calculations im consuming around:
1,875 calories, 28.5g fat/10.5gsat, 219g carb, 27g fiber, 175g protein

wow fiber is the same as fat... is that good?bad? should i be changing any of these numbers? carbs and protein seem high... but calories looks about right for cutting.
any advice on any changes i should be making????

i also snack on beef jerky when i get hungry....mmmm...cattaneobros....
i'm also taking a multivitamin,wheatgrass, and am going to get green tea pills soon(seem better for you than caffeine pills).
i have flax seed capsules too, should i be taking those everyday?? when??

Thanks for any advice,tips,comments,help or whatever! :help:

01-13-2005, 06:39 PM
you deffenetlly need some good fats in there, idk if you might be loosing to much muscle seems like a little low on cals... maybe up it a little bit and see how it goes