View Full Version : Tall for nuthin

01-19-2005, 02:45 PM
I dont know if this is in the right forum but I have some worries
I have always been a big guy and I have been working hard at building some muscle but I would like to drop some fat but I am worried that if I lose 20-30lbs I am gonna lose my muscle too and end up tall and skinny... Tall for nuthin...

01-19-2005, 04:13 PM
search about cutting. read what the posts say. that should help you cut and keep your muscle

01-19-2005, 05:19 PM
Slowly dropping fat is the key. Dropping ~.5-1.5 lbs per week will allow you to keep most of you muscle while loosing fat. Read up on some of the other posts and you will find a lot of info about where your cals should be etc.