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01-24-2005, 12:22 PM
Just took a look at the wannabe big training routine one, and I wish I had found it this morning before I went to the gym!

First off, my stats:

Male, 18 years old, 228 lbs, 6'3". Unsure about bodyfat percentage. I am not fat really, I used to be, but since 2002 I have managed to drop from around 300lbs down to my current state. I am not certain about any max lifts. I did bench last month and was a meager 195. :cry:

(I made a post in the new member intro board for more on history: http://www.wannabebigforums.com/showthread.php?t=58565)

I have been hitting the gym at least 3 times a week since around late September/early October 2004, but until now I have had no real direction. I work out with a guy who has been big and strong since highschool as he played a lot of football and wrestled. I never did many sports in highschool, which I regret like hell now, but I would consider myself atheltic.

I am VERY resolute to get strong over the next few months, years, hopefuly for a lifetime. I have always been a big kid, but it wasn't until recently I realized how weak I physicaly am when it comes to the gym or lifting.

I was sick all last week, so maybe that was it, but Ijust felt weaker than I should be this morning when I went in.

I am thinking I should just start with the WBB routine 1 next Monday, seeing as it seems to follow a Monday-Weds-Fri lifting schedule, which works wonderfuly for me now, I have school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I don't go in to work until noon on M-W-F, it seems like the ideal schedule for me.

I do not get enough sleep, I know this, and I am eating a lot of carbs I know this. I don't eat junk food, I have one "cheater day" where I can eat a little junk on poker nights with the guys, but that's it. I try to limit my intake of artificial crap ;)

Anyways, since my job gives me freedom to go online and theres some occasional downtime at work, I figure I can post my workouts and diets and sleep for the day.

It's pretty embarassing how weak I am for my size right now, but that's why I am here; my goal is to get much stronger within the following weeks and months and to make strength training a part of my life.

Today's embarassing lifts and food intake and rest will come later tonight...


-Thor K.

01-24-2005, 01:40 PM
Day one: Mis-guided workout routine, chest day.

Flat Bench Press- 3x8 135lbs
Incline Bench- 3x6-8 105lbs
Pec Deck Machine- 3x8 90-100lbs
Flat Bench Dumbell Flys- 3x8 40lbs
Hammer Strength Seated Bench Machine- 3x8 90lbs
Seated Bench Press w/Rope Machine- 3x8 35lbs each side
Other Pec Deck machine (alternate angle/movement) 3x8 110lbs

Breakfast- Bowl of cheerios with 1% milk. Tall glass of water. One protein bar (GNC brand, nasty! Glad there's only 2 left). Yogurt, Dannon original strawberry. One tablespoon Icelandic Lysi (cod liver oil... delicious! :D )

Lunch- Subway roast beef/turkey/ham footlong on wheat with cheese, lettuce, tomato, hot and sweet peppers, black pepper, and parmesean. Free water compliments of work.

Snack at work- Blueberry NutriGrain bar.

Dinner- (edit) Turned out to be leftover salmon, about one fish steak's serving size, and a small tupperware container of tuna/pasta mix. One fatfree pudding cup for dessert and a tall glass of water.

Before Bed: Made a bannana/milk protein shake from the Nitrean I just recieved. This stuff is awesome! It actualy tastes good! Vanilla flavor is much better than the crap GNC chocolate or vanilla I had before!

So yes, I realize I need to be eating 5-6 smaller meals a day, and I definitely need to work on that. :newbie:

Also waiting on my Nitrean protein supplement. I would like to work in an actualy good tasting protein shake after workouts.

And like I said, I'm just going to go with my slightly unorganized/un-thought out lifting plan this week, then start fresh next week with the WBB routine one and a better meal schedule (smaller more frequent meals).

Please, comments are needed.

Again, my goals are strength gains all around, I'm sorry I can't make it much more specific right now because I don't know what I ought to be able to lift at my weight/height.


-Thor K.

01-24-2005, 10:39 PM
About to hit they hay, but I thought I would post this up too:

I just got back from the gym, was going to meet a buddy for a quick raquetball match. Well, he was finishinjg up a match, so I decided to try some more chest exercises.

I got in 3 sets of decline bench press, incline bench press, and incline flys.

Both incline and decline were totaly new movements for me today, but I think I got the hang of it.

I got incline for 125lbs 3x8 and the same for decline. So that's an improvement over icline from just this morning. Weird, huh?

Anyways, that's my update, I am going to sleep now, hopefuly get some of that rest that seems to do a body good.

-Thor K.

01-24-2005, 10:48 PM
welcome to Journal land! Sweet dreams!

01-24-2005, 10:49 PM
Welcome to journal land Thork. Nice job on slimming down from 300 lbs. It sounds like you've got an ideal schedule for lifting. I used to have a J O B where I didn't have to be in until 11:00 a.m. and it worked perfect for lifting. Good luck bro.

Nice screen name too :D

01-24-2005, 10:49 PM
welcome to Journal land! Sweet dreams!Took the words out of my mouth...BIATCH!

01-25-2005, 05:27 PM
Well, today is Tuesday, my cheat/keep my sanity day :-)

I got about 7 hours of sleep last night, more than I ever usualy do, and felt great.

I actualy have a weightlifting class, its only about 45 minutes, but it counts as a credit and it's good for the inbetween my "real" lifting days.

So I got in:

Lat Pull Down, both front pulldown to chest and behind neck towards back for: 3x8 at 100/120/and 130lbs.
Shrugs: 3x8 with 40, 50, and 60lb dumbells.
Tricep pushdown on machine: 3x8 125, 130, and 135lbs (using the rope)
Bicep Curl Machine: 3x8 80lbs, then 60lbs for last two sets.

Meals of the day thus far:

Breakfast- Tortilla with two slices of roast beef and one slice cheese grilled using sandwich press (basicaly a mini roastbeef quesedilla). Two tall glasses milk (1%), a container of lime yogurt (Dannon), and a bannana.

Lunch: Curry-soup, large cup (Pretty tasty, mixed chicken in the soup and lots of veggies), two containers of milk (I think these were 2%... very fat tasting, will get skim next time), a small bag of pretzels, and two packets of saltine crackers.

Snack: One can of Mountain Dew "Amp" ebergy drink (I needed a pick-me-up during break for History 112). One "king size" peanut m&m package (only size with peanuts, regular m&ms kinda suck).

Dinner: Three slices of Dominos plain cheese pizza with two regular glasses of milk. And made myself a Nitrean mix. One scoop of the chocolate sample this time, and 8oz of 1% milk. Again, simply delicious stuff, just as good as the vanilla! :thumbup:

Keep in mind this is my one cheater day I allow myself. I am getting ready to go to poker/game night with the guys, where I will probably have 1-3 pints of Yuengling (from the tap, yumm) and I will try VERY hard not to have too many beernuts, they rock.

It is very hard for me to eat right on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as these are the only days I have classes and I am at school ALL DAY, from 930am-7pm.

BUT, I do have weightlifting both days, so some light exercise is done too.

Alas, tomorrow is Wednesday, and my first real day of WBB routine 1, I hope. If not, I will start fresh next Monday with Chest as guided by the routine.

Hooray Tuesdays, my favorite day of the week! :clap:

-Thor K.

(oh and thanks for the welcomes guys! I like posting in this journal, actualy helps me out writing down and sharing with people how I am doing!)

01-26-2005, 11:38 AM
Blaaaah, feel like crap, or felt like crap earlier, I'm awake now and at work.

Didn't hit the gym this morning because I didn't get in until late last night and slept in... On a plus side, I did get tons of sleep, at least 9 hours worth hehe.

Because I slept in a little to late I was rushing out the door to get to work after a hasty cleanup, "breakfast" was:
Yoplait Yogurt Breakfast Smoothie, glass of 1% milk. (I skipped the leftover pizza which was calling out to me.. Tuesdays cheatdays only! hehe)

Feeling a bit hungry so I will probably be going to Subway for lunch pretty soon.

Work is let out early for some bowling party, so I will definitely be hitting the weights tonight... gotta get strong! Legs tonight, we'll see how it goes.

I think from now on at poker nights Tuesday, I'm just going to stick with lemonade. Any ammount of alcohol over 3 drinks seems to make me lazy as hell the next morning, not hungover in any sense, just not wanting to get up. Three alcoholic beverages from now on.

I'll update the journal later tonight postworkout/meals.

01-26-2005, 05:30 PM
Does a keg stand count as one alcoholic beverage? :alcoholic

01-26-2005, 06:03 PM
Does a keg stand count as one alcoholic beverage? :alcoholic

LOL, not sure how you'd measure that.

Anyways, here's meal up to now, about to head out to the gym in a few here.

Lunch: subway footlong wheat bread, turkey/ham/roastbeef/swiss cheese with lettuce, tomato, hot peppers, sweet peppers, black pepper, and some paremesean cheese. also got the 3 cookies for a dollar deal (some atkins diet one, so it tasted crappy and was low carbs lol, never again!) and a large fruit punch.

Snack at work: one cup of swiss miss milk chocolate hot chocolate.

bowling party for work: 2 slices cheese pizza and 2 small cups of sprite. (yeah, whatever, i was hungry lol)

snack/cold dinner: one skinless chicken thigh, one small container mott's applesauce and a large glass of water.

so off to the gym now. :nod:

01-26-2005, 10:57 PM
Ok so tonight I did the following leg exercises:

Seated calf raises: 4x8-10 125, 135, and 140lbs
Leg Curl (lying facedown) 3x8 100lbs
Standing Squat w/barbell (not smith-machine): 3x10 135lbs
Seated Leg Press: 3x8 180, 270, 275lbs

Came home and had Nitrean drink, one scoop plus 10oz 1% milk and ate a bannana.

I am not very sure I am doing my squats correctly, even though I had practiced the week before I got sick how to do them on the smith-machine and practicing with no weight. It seems that once I get weight on the bar (I tried with just a 25 on each side before putting 45's on) I lose the technique. It is my understanding that you are supposed to bend the knees as little as possible, sticking out your gluteus maxiumus as far as you can, and keep your back straight and look up.

I will review how to do this on the "exercise and muscle directory" link in the routines page.

Just finished watching another event from my new DVD set of the 03/04 season of World Strongman competition. Incredibly motivating... I must get that strong! Ok, well, something to motivate me at the least...

Sleep time! Hopefuly get another 8 hours in, that was nice...

(edit: this is one of my first "real" leg sessions, if not the first... so be gentle with the bashing :) )

01-27-2005, 01:21 PM
Last night, 7 hours sleep.

Today in weightlifting class, did a followup on legs. My schedule actualy allows me to do something awesome. I do chest/back monday, legs wednesday, and shoulder/bicep/tricep on friday.

Since my weightlifting classes are tuesdayand thursday, it allows me to do lighterweight, followup days for the muscles I want to train the most; chest, back, and legs.

I am very excited about this.

Anyways, exercises today were:

Seated leg squat/press machine: 3x10 270, 360, 400lbs
Seated calf raise: 3x10 135, 180, 205lbs
Squats (again, just getting used to the exercise, getting it down!): 3x12 95, 115, 135lbs
Leg extension machine: 3x10 150, 170, 180lbs
Low row machine (just for the heck of it and forgot to do it on chest/back day): 3x10 110, 130, 150lbs

Breakfast: woke up late (just made it to first class in time) so I only had time to scarf down a snickers multigrain marathon bar (god damn those things are good!) and a tall (10oz) glass of 1% milk.

Lunch: just finished and had a shake with one scopp vanilla Nitrean, one whole bannane, and 10oz of 1%milk. Also had a small container of applesauce, a small container of pudding (fat free), and a small cup of yoplait lime yogurt. I also made myself a sandwich with 2 slices itallian white bread, 2 slices of roast beef, and one slice of american cheese and toasted that puppy in the sandwich press. Good stuff!

On break now, dont go back to school until 530. Dinner up date tonight.

Tomorrow is bicep/tricep/shoulders.

(edit: I know I claim I want to train for strength. This week however I am just getting the rhythm of my exercises down, thus doing 10reps on most with a SLIGHTLY lighter weight than if I did 6-8 reps with near my maximum weight. I need to push a little harder and do a few less reps starting next week. :redface: )

01-27-2005, 01:35 PM
nice journal, we are almost the same, except i gotta lose some belly. do u have any current pics? or progress pics

01-27-2005, 07:06 PM
Yeah I got a couple of pics for starting point reference, not digital though.

I've got a little extra gut to get rid of. Hopefuly some dieting and cardio will take care of that, but I got most of the belly off (obliques always need workin though lol).

Dinner tonight was: 2 forkfulls of mac n cheese (all that was leftover by time I got home), 3 scoops of baked beans, leftover leg/thigh of skinless chicken, and about a cup or so of a rich, saucy rice. One tall 10ox glass of 1% milk. And for dessert, a healthy-choice ice cream sandwich.

Hooray tomorrow, for you are bicep/tricep/shoulder day! :thumbup:

Hopefuly sleep comes quicker tonight, felt a bit sluggish all day.

02-04-2005, 12:16 PM
Yeah I haven't had any time to update the journal :(

I've basicaly been eating the same stuff, nothing junk, and keeping with a routine of chest/back, legs, and shoulder/arms on m-w-f, and then Tuesday/Thursday in the college's gym I will usualy followup on the chest or legs from the day before.

I've added about 5-10pounds on almost each exercise, and actualy began to add some weight to barbell squat now that I have a basic idea of the technique.

I'll start posting routine/diet again on Monday, this last wee was hectic as hell though with some family crap.

Monday will start anew, but I'm just making an entry to show I have been keeping the same routine :)

-Thor K.

02-04-2005, 02:45 PM
Keep at it. Rest up this weekend so you're fresh for Monday.

02-04-2005, 04:31 PM
Yup, thanks man.

Yeah, I have been lifting all week as routine calls for and eating fine, just been BEYOND busy at home/school/work so no time for the posts. :(

Might do some cardio or something on weekend, that's about it.

Fresh posting on Monday :)

-Thor K.

02-10-2005, 07:17 PM
Yeah, I'm far busier during the week than I thought. Been eating same, general healthiness, here's routine. Noticing more strength all around, the lower reps/more weight actualy works if you stick to it! I;m having a blast in the gym.

(all weight in pounds)
Flat bench: 3x6 145, 150, 155
Incline bench: 3x6 115, 130, 135
Decline bench: 3x6 135, 140, 140
Low row machine: 3x8 130, 140, 160
Lat cable pulldown: 2x8 120, 130, 1x6 140
HammerStrength Lat Pulldown: 3x8 140, 180, 180

Shoulder/Biceps(ran out of time for triceps)
(I'm not completely certain about the exact weight of these exercises as I do them at school and the class is rushed, only 50 mins or so)
Seated Shoulder Press Hammerstrength: 3x8 140, 145, 150
Dumbell Seated shoulder press, 70%ish incline: 3x8 45's, 50's, 55's
Standing rows on cable pull machine: 3x8 140, 150, 170
Bicep curl, seated, dumbells: 3x8 30's, 40's, 40's
Bicep Preacher curl using curling bar: 3x8: 65, 75, 75.

Today, Thursday
Legs (again, at school, but it's fresh in my mind... oddly, I'm pretty decent at remembering what weights I lifted)
Seated squat press: 3x8 360 ,450, 540
Leg extensions: 3x8 170, 200, 220
Squat: 3x8 135, 185, 215
Seated Calf raise: 3x8 260, 305, 340
Seated, rolling squat machine: 3x8 180, 220, 230

I think I am most pleased with my leg development. I have always had strong legs in sports and such, but all it took was getting used to each exercise and I noticed that each leg session I have added a little weight.

Anyways, I will try to post daily but it is tough to do with my new schedule.

Areas of improvement: REST!!!