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02-05-2005, 06:25 AM
OK people.
I have been on my bulking diet for 1 week and already put on almost 4 pounds.
I have 6 spaced out meals a day (list on this forum) and for snacks in between I have one or more of the following...nuts, seeds, fruit and peanut butter, miso soup and rice.
This is my probblem...my wife is veggie and I have been for 2 years with her, but I wanna be bigger.and now I am wondering, I should change my diet to meat based again?
I know it dosent happen over night, but I dont want to only make half gains, if doing the same excersices on a different diet I can have more results.
I know about Steve holt (who looks great) Bill pearl put on mass with meat and tablets and THEN became veggie so he dosent count.
Of course this is something I should decide on my own but would like some feedback.
I think the internet is a blessing and a curse..It list positives and negatives of anything you can think of, and now Im REALLY confused.
I dont eat meat for ethical reasons, but really where do I draw he line on what is killed....?
Sorry but as I said Im really confused.
What do ya all think?

02-05-2005, 07:28 AM
as long as you are still getting the protein you need from being a vegatarian, i see no reason to change

Big Daddy Cruel
02-05-2005, 08:16 AM
I would think that cottage cheese, yogurt, whey and eggs would provide sufficient protein if you ate enough of them. I have days when that's all the protein I get, and I can still get around 250g pretty easily.

Don't get stuck into buying Morningstar-type "fake meat"--the macros are really bad, and it's expensive.

02-05-2005, 12:32 PM
I would think that cottage cheese, yogurt, whey and eggs would provide sufficient protein if you ate enough of them.

:withstupi Minus the yogurt that's basically my protein sources right there. I'm not a vegetarian, I'm just too cheap and lazy to buy and cook meat most of the time.

That being said, if you're considering dropping vegetarianism for the reason you mentioned, I don't really think your beliefs are that strong in the first place.

02-05-2005, 12:42 PM
I'm a vegetarian and seem to be coping. Check out my journal if you fancy. Like the others have said you can still easily get plenty of high quality protein, although I would disagree with BDC about fake meats; while I don't know much about the Morningstar brand in particular, there are some which have extremely favourable macros.

02-05-2005, 07:28 PM
Thanks as usual for your help everyone :)
I will stick the veggie diet and let you know what happens.
Isnt the net confusing though....for every one thing is good and backed up by solid research, there are 5 others that say the opposite.
I am staying here to avoid confusion.