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02-09-2005, 12:41 AM
hello everyone. i have just started a new routine for a big BULK, this is MUCH different than my last routine. i will be logging every workout i will be doing for the next 20 weeks or so and including progress pics every week or two. i have decided to go with the 3 day split because i consider myself a hard gainer and i need a lot of time to recover. before i was sold on this routine i was hitting the gym 6-7 days a week 2-3 hours at a time, i found myself not gaining anything using this method even after consuming 4000+ calories a day. rest is very important and now its finally evident to me. heres what i did last nite. thank you all for your time :)

monday: chest shoulders and tris
flat bench press with bar
2 warmup sets - 8reps/140LBS
in between my warmup and first set i tried to max out with 1x245, i failed :\
set 1: 7 reps, 185lbs
set 2: 5/195
superset with flat dumbell flyes 30lbs x 6 reps
set 3: 2/205
superset 5x30lbs
set 4: 1/225lbs
superset 4/30
set 5: burnout set 11x135lbs

military press with bar
warmup 1: 8x80lbs
warmup 2: 8x90lbs
set 1: 6x100
set 2: 5x110
set 3: 4x120
set 4: 1x135
superset with side lateral raises 15lb dumbells 8 reps
set 5: burnout 7x100
superset 8x15s

weighted dips superset with tricep pushdowns
set 1 dips: 8x30lbs
pushdowns: 5x130
set 2 dips: 6x30 lbs
pushdowns: 7x130
set 3 dips: 6x30
pushdowns: 6x140
set 4 dips: 14/Body Weight
pushdowns: 9x120

my diet usually looks like this:
upon waking up i take 3/4 a serving of CYTOGAINER w/all vitamins. 2-3 hours later i will try to eat 5 eggs with 4 slices of wheat bread, 2-3 hours later i eat 6oz of tuna or 6 oz of boneless skinless grilled chicken breast with a cup of rice, spinach or beans on the side. 2-3 hours later i take another 3/4 serving of cytogainer, i hit the gym and take a full serving of cytogainer upon returning home, then 2-3 hours after this i will normally take in tuna, chicken, or steak with a side of spinach, rice, or another vegetable.

to sum it up, i take in about 3800calories, 280g of protein and a LOT of carbs. i eat the same just about every single day, but at the end of the week on a saturday or sunday my girlfriend and i will go out to eat and i will give myself a free meal, usually sushi or steak and a loaded baked potato.

here are my current stats and measurements:
i am 21 years old, 161lbs, 5'9"
arms flexed: 15 1/2"
chest: 41"
calves: 14 1/4"
forearm: 12"
thighs: 22 1/4"

sorry for the long introduction, thank you all for your time, please critique my routine because constructive criticism expands minds. if you have any questions please pm me. thank you.

Mic Soloist
02-09-2005, 07:12 AM
Glad to see you started a journal man. Looking forward to seeing your progress.