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02-10-2005, 02:32 AM
Hey guys. I started doing PSMF 3 week's ago and have made losses in bodyfat and strength which sucks but it's the only cut i've stuck to and i finally wanna lean down my fat ass, damn it, i dont wanna end up looking like Tank Abbot. I've dropped from 241Ibs to 225Ibs in a little under 3 weeks which is incredible, although my bench has deacreased from 150Ibs to 100, which is damn awful and i feel like a newbie at the gym, even though i know it's because i barely worked out over x-mas (Lazy fat ass)...ah well, gives me more of a reason to look forward to my next bulk, gonna go for major cals....mwahaha! At the moment i'm keeping protein at 200g and carbs and fat at minimum, obviously, being on PSMF and all. Hoping to get down to 189Ibs before i stop cutting, thankfully i'm naturally stocky so my friends wont know that i've turned all weak aslong as i keep a long sleeved top on :thumbup: Let the games begin.

02-10-2005, 03:22 AM
Here's what i remember of yesterdays workout. It was my first time at the gym since before x-mas!

Flat Bench - Warmup 30Kg x 14
Warmup 35Kg x 12
40Kg x 6 (This was shocking and saddening)
45Kg x 4
50Kg x 2

Vertical Grip Pec deck Flyes 110 Ibs x 4 (Eugh, whats wrong with me!)
80Ibs x 8
90Ibs x 6

Incline Dumbell Bench Press 40Kg Total x 3
x 3
x 1

Leg Press Warmup 100Kg x 12
110Kg x 8
120Kg x 6
130Kg x 4

Leg Extensions x 8
x 6
x 4 (Unsure of weights)