View Full Version : Some New Pics (5'11 201 pounds.... nearly done bulking)

Mic Soloist
02-17-2005, 02:33 AM
100% natural
stats in sig...

02-17-2005, 02:36 AM
wow looking good ! back double bi looks awesome! what a change keep up the great work :)

Mic Soloist
02-17-2005, 03:03 AM
thanks a lot man. here is another b4 & after and a leg shot

Mic Soloist
02-17-2005, 03:36 AM
In July 2004 my stats were:

168 pounds

Waist: 32.5 Chest: 43.25 Arms: 14.5 Forearms: 11.5 Quads: 22 Calves: 14.5 Neck: 16

Now my stats are:

5'11 201.3 pounds

Waist: 35.5 Chest: 45.5 Arms: 16.75 Forearms: 13.5 Quads: 26 Calves: 16 Neck: 17.5

So a lot of this size gain has been in the past 7 months

02-17-2005, 03:59 AM
Incredible transformation... especially what you've accomplished since July of '04. Very inspirational.

02-17-2005, 07:05 AM
I would keep bulking till you hit about 220, then cut down to 200-205...you would look AWESOME.

Mic Soloist
02-17-2005, 07:18 AM
damn man

i'm already fat now... lol

muscle chic
02-17-2005, 07:21 AM
Wow!! Major change!!! I'd say keep packing on the muscle. You look great!!

02-17-2005, 09:46 AM
Holy **** dude. Less than a year and such a huge difference. What's your secret? heh.

02-17-2005, 10:11 AM
Wow. You don't even look like the same guy anymore. Nice job!

02-17-2005, 11:02 AM
yes great improvements bro... and i am with the rest keep bulking :-)

02-17-2005, 11:56 AM
nice improvements......what does ur diet and training routine look like?

02-17-2005, 12:54 PM
Dude, you're looking really good. We are similar in size, shape and weight - if I was you I would continue to bulk.

Seriously you don't look like you're carrying that much fat!

02-17-2005, 01:00 PM
looking thick...you'll look great once you cut

Mic Soloist
02-17-2005, 01:15 PM
thanks a lot fellas. I really appreciate the compliments. My routine has changed a lot throughout the long bulk. I have done 3 day splits, 4 day splits, and even 5 day splits. The most successful split I've used is Arnold's routine I got from M&F.

Day 1: Chest/Back
Day 2: Legs/Abs
Day 3: Shoulders/Arms
Day 4: Rest

I love that split. I do 3-5 sets and I've recently been keeping my rep range high. Though I kept it low through a lot of my bulk, especially on chest days. I hit the compound lifts very hard.

My diet was very very strict for the first year and a half I lifted. I wasn't consuming enough food to steadily gain. Since July 04, I've gained 30 pounds. I finally figured I'd start eating with no regard for human life. My diet is simple. High carbs, high protein. I eat tons of pasta, roman noodles with not much of the packet on them, natty pnut butter, tons of oatmeal, cytogainer, whey protein, creatine, and some pretty unhealthy stuff like sweets every now and then too. I've gotten less strict as my bulk has went on longer. I don't pig out but I have sweets sometimes throughout the week. Some M&M's here and there :) though I'm not advocating that. I drink TONS of milk, sometimes a gallon every day. Skim or 2%. Basically I've just eaten 3000+ cals daily and lifted hard and never stopped for pain. I've been successful so far, and I hope my cut goes well. Fat loss is where my problem lies.

Thanks again...

02-17-2005, 01:29 PM
Keep bulking for another 10 pounds. I know you feel like a fatty now but you're relativly lean for your height weight which means you will not notice another 10 pounds very much at all. You're legs need some serious work dude. Are you squatting or doing heavy leg presses? You need to be.

Mic Soloist
02-17-2005, 01:41 PM
Man, I think that's a bad pic of my legs. My legs are my strongest body part. They are 26 inches and my max squat is 410 x 5. I squat hard, intense, lots of volume. Usually 5 sets. That was a sh-tty angle with a cell phone cam. I think that may have been the problem. My legs don't have much cut, but they are pretty big and strong.

02-17-2005, 01:48 PM
26 inches.. i take it back then! But you should still bulk another 10 pounds =).

02-19-2005, 09:47 AM
so you just started working out last year?

Mic Soloist
02-19-2005, 01:56 PM
i've been lifting for 2+ years. but i didnt know what i was doin the first year.

Mic Soloist
02-19-2005, 03:24 PM
more new ones...

02-19-2005, 06:57 PM
nice progress. Looks like you got some stretch marks on the arms, but thats expected with that big of a change.

02-19-2005, 07:46 PM
arms are lookin nice and thick, havent really checked other pics (bandwidth thing).

lookin good though

Mic Soloist
02-22-2005, 01:26 PM
thanks fellas

02-25-2005, 11:29 PM
You have made some awesome improvements bro. Those comparison pics really show that. You deserve high praise for your accomplishments. I am with the others, you could bulk another 10 pounds.

03-02-2005, 08:39 PM
You look awesome dood. When you cut your gonna be a freakin carved statue.

03-15-2005, 04:01 PM
I drink TONS of milk, sometimes a gallon every day. Skim or 2%.

Lookin good, but you sure thats good for you? IDK if a gallon is unhealthy.. maybe be on the excess side IMO. but great work!

Mic Soloist
04-12-2005, 10:13 AM
i eased up on the milk. im cutting now. in the first few weeks ive gotten down to 196. i hope to be at 180 @ 7-8% by the first part of July. I'm determined.

04-12-2005, 10:30 AM
Great work.

Joe Black
04-12-2005, 11:46 AM
great transformation!!

Nice work...

Mic Soloist
04-20-2005, 07:49 PM
thanks fellas