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Chris Miller
02-23-2005, 11:04 AM
I've eaten like crap for 7 years now so I dont even know what its like to eat healthy.

I am going to do a PSMF for the next few weeks, but when I come off I want to start eating a healthy, balanced diet that wont make me fat again. I have a great metabolism and it took 7 years of almost 5k calories a day (all fast food) and no excercise to get me to 26% (estimated) bodyfat so I dont think I am going to have a problem with gaining weight back as long as I dont go back to fast food. I just want to know if a diet like this will be OK once I get off the PSMF or do I maybe need to limit the carbs some?

My goal besides losing fat, is to lower my cholesterol which is currently 327. That is the reason for the orange juice and yogurt which has plant sterols.

I am 24 years old, 196 lbs, 5' 11 and estimated 26% BF

Thanks in advance

02-23-2005, 11:07 AM
what do you expect your weight to be after psmf? from the start, i would say you need more calories and more good fats in your diet. i would also reccommend that you try to eat more solid food and try to rely less on the shakes

Chris Miller
02-23-2005, 11:11 AM
I guess I am hoping for somewhere around 160 after the psmf. I am going to concentrate on losing the fat completely before I start lifting heavy again. So with an estimated 23% bf (i was wrong with the previous 26%) that should mean 45lbs of fat or 151lbs of LBM. Do you think 160 would be a realistic goal?

Also, I normally would eat a couple of chicken breasts and some green beans and things. That day I was just lazy. I guess my biggest question is regarding carbs. With my metabolism the way it is, should I worry about carbs when I come off the PSMF? I just dont know how I would be able to eat healthy (ie bananas, wheat bread, yogurt, etc) without all those carbs. Once I lose this fat, are the carbs a concern?

I will try to figure out how to get more calories too. Everyone has been telling me that. I just need to find some other decent high calorie meals I can eat.


02-23-2005, 11:34 AM
when you come off psmf, you should slowly increase your calories. your metabolism will be rather low and if you increase too fast, you will put on a lot of fat