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02-23-2005, 01:19 PM
Alright, I began cutting 11 days ago at 149.5 Lbs.
Today I am 145.25 lbs, which is 4.25 lbs in 11 days.
I decided that a tolerance of 0.5 lbs is not unreasonable, due to water content and waste content.
So in the best case, I am still losing 3.75lbs in 11 days, or 2.4 lbs per week.

I am 5'7", about 14% BF right now.

My diet is a 40/40/20 split with an intake of 1700-1750 calories per day.
My carbs are oatmeal, whole wheat bread/pita, bananas and vegetables.
My mains proteins are tuna, chicken breasts, cottage cheese and whey supplements.
My main fats are from natural peanut butter, olive oil, and fish oil.

For exercise I do 4 HIIT sessions a week for 25 minutes (+5 min warmup, 5 min cooldown), I also do a full weight training with Back/Biceps, Shoulders/Abs/Calves, Legs, Chest/Tris during the week too. On the weekend I do a HIIT in the morning and then usually my Shoulders/Abs/Calves during the night.

What would you recommend for an increased intake?
I have been monitoring several locations on my body to check for a decrease in muscle mass:
My Biceps have remained their current size (I chose these because there was the least fat on them).
My Calves have remained the same size, measured before working out.
My benchpress has remained constant in reps and weight.
My Abs have become more visible, up to a relatively visible 4 from a relatively visible 2.
My clothes are also slightly looser.

Any suggestions?

Edit: I forgot to add Cottage Cheese to the proteins :thumbup:

02-23-2005, 09:12 PM
Perhaps I should elaborate more.
I'm unsure as to what I need to do: On my current intake I am about 750 below maintenance, and I feel pretty decent (except when I don't get enough sleep). Should I adjust the caloric intake to be higher and slow the weight loss? I know that only I can tell for sure if I'm losing fat or muscle, but I also heard that fat tends to reduce from all sorts of other regons first, like the butt, thighs, love handles and arms before it goes off the stomach. I don't feel much weaker, but at my current weightloss would it be better to leave it as it is, increase the caloric intake, or decrease the exerscise?

02-23-2005, 09:25 PM
1-2 pounds a week is okay. The fat will leave from everywhere slowly, it won't just disappear from one spot.

02-23-2005, 11:25 PM
um eat more maybe, what were u doing before and what was ur caloric intake, taking it to low to fast can be very detrimental, but other then that 2 lbs a week i dont think is too bad, looks like your doing good, jsut remember dont eat after 7, and eat 5 small meals a day, keep up with the cardio and lifting and come back with some progress after anther 3 weeks or so

02-24-2005, 08:06 AM
Why shouldn't he eat after 7? Im surprised ppl around here still say stuff stupid things. Anyway eat after 7, hell when im cutting or bulking ill eat up to 5 minutes before bedtime so my body will have some good quality protein in it for the night

02-24-2005, 08:34 AM
Different things works for different people. Perhaps he goes to bed early in the evening. Don't be so quick to call someone down.
I have cottage cheese about 15-20 min before bedtime. I'm going to try upping the calories by about 150 a day I guess, and see how that works for a week.

I believe that my maintenance intake was around 2500-2700, and the only training difference I made was adding more cardio throughout the week.