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03-02-2005, 09:27 PM
i decided to make a journal here mainly to ask a question, but since ive been here around two months and as of just before this post only kept my 1rms for certain exercises on my comp (which could crash) i decided i would put them here too.

Beginning of 2005 Stats:

·Bench Press: 135 lbs
·Dead Lift: 215 lbs
·Squat: 160 lbs (still just hack squats... but im getting a d*mn rack soon)
·Military Press: 105 lbs
·Barbell Curl: 90 lbs
·Clean: 105 lbs

Current Stats:

·Bench Press: 160 lbs ( i think my year end goal for this is pretty unreasonable, but ill go for it...)
·Dead Lift: 260 lbs
·Squat: 225 lbs ( i could go higher, but since im still doing hack squats i lose form rapidly from here, so this is max)
·Military Press: 125 lbs
·Barbell Curl: 100 lbs
·Clean: 140 lbs (i cant do real squats and have no rack for them or drop under work... i cant drop under anymore weight than this and not go to the floor. but with the rack this will change hopefully...)

End of 2005 Stats:

·Bench Press: 250 lbs (god this is gonna be hard, but short of going unnatural theres not much i wont do to get there. i think with lots of hard work eating and resting i can pull this baby off)
·Dead Lift: 350 lbs (i think i can probably make this)
·Squat: 300 lbs (same as dl, but this will not be a hack squat, so i cant judge exactly how far along i am)
·Military Press: 200 lbs (this is probably second to my bp for being tough to get)
·Barbell Curl: 130 lbs
·Clean: 200 lbs (if i work on drop unders and squatting i think i can do this easily)

Well thats that, my question is... Can i make it? i know its unlikely and hard, but just how unlikely is it?

03-02-2005, 09:40 PM
brother nothing is impossible...just in about a year my bench has gone up 50lbs..squat about 40lbs...and DL like 30lbs...anything is possible it is just how much are you willing to put into it

03-02-2005, 09:59 PM
yeah..you'll get it..

the deadlift i'm sure you could get

03-03-2005, 04:52 PM
Eat a ton and keep training hard. Get a squat rack asap. Start doing front squats and/or zercher squats to help you learn correct squat form in the mean time. These will also help your balance and your core a lot more than hack squats, but keep doing them too.

The deadlift goal seems like a realistic one, but the bench and squat goals just seem a bit high. Not saying it's impossible, but you're really going to have to work at it to add that much weight. Good luck to you.

03-03-2005, 06:29 PM
i know they are high, but every day i have them in my mind and everyday i train bench 250 is burning in the back of my head. i might not make it, but it wouldnt upset me. i would however be amazed and incredibley proud to push 250 up. on a side note, my dl turns out to be 5 lbs higher, 265. i tried it again today. (not sure i mentioned this, but in my routine i take a week off every two months to re-evaluate because im no expert and i feel that doing so, AND finding my 1 rms are both helpful and inspiring to me.)

also, im pretty mesomorphic in my body type so i have short little legs. provided im just going to paralell im sure i could do 200+ squat, but i dont know where i started either so maybe i havent improved much.

im adding some new dimensions to my 1rm list, they are two exercises id really like to build.

my Snatch is 100 lbs

im going for a 160 # snatch at year end.

and ill edit or post again with my bent press later not sure what im going to go for for year end goal though.

03-03-2005, 06:45 PM
how tall are you and what are you weighing??

just keep packin down the food and training hard and you can accomplish anything you set your mind too...

within reason:(

best of luck with the new goals!

03-03-2005, 07:32 PM
im pretty short, and not done growing (god i hope so!)...

im 15; 5' 5'', 170 lbs, 26% bf (yeh, im kinda fat. but ill worry about this AFTER im strong and since i eat healthy and am not that bad i dont think ill have any adverse health effects from maintaining this bf%. and yes, i did go on bulk first lol...)

new goal

current bent press: 55 lbs ( i know this exercise takes alot of learned skill and getting used to, but this seems pretty light)

year end bent press goal: 100 lbs

03-06-2005, 03:05 PM
if i ever get around to doing a really proper lifting routine and can fit it in, id like to take up some strongman type lifting. does anyone who isnt training to be a strongman think that strongman training is a good way to increase your overall practical strength.