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11-26-2001, 07:56 PM
Is there any fruit that has a lot of protein? I'm trying a high protein/med carbs/med fat diet, but it seems if I eat any fruit it really makes my carbs shoot up. What are some good fruits to eat? The same thing with vegetables. Thanx.

11-26-2001, 08:04 PM
I think you are going to be searching for a very long time. Fruits == equal carbs.

11-26-2001, 08:50 PM
nuts have protein

11-26-2001, 09:17 PM
nuts aren't fruit nor vegetables

their legumes.

11-26-2001, 11:51 PM
Originally posted by Avatar
nuts aren't fruit nor vegetables

their legumes.

not true (read Tryska's message below)

11-27-2001, 12:38 AM
Nathan Lane.

Have you seen "The Producers?" He's amazing.

Oh you mean to eat! I'd say banananananas are pretty good, they seem to be one of the most filling fruits. Grapes is good, too.

11-27-2001, 04:12 AM
nuts are nuts....peanuts are legumes.

*lol@budiak* nice one bro.

is purple a fruit?

11-27-2001, 05:18 AM
didn't know bananas had a lot of protein. tuttut

11-27-2001, 06:44 AM
I eat fruit because I like it and it has fiber, vitamin C, and other good stuff. I was on an apple kick during the fall but now it's orange/grapefruit season ;)

11-27-2001, 10:53 AM
Originally posted by syntekz
Fruits == equal carbs.

Avocados==equal fat ;)

11-27-2001, 12:06 PM
coconuts = saturated fat.

11-27-2001, 06:25 PM
What about pears?? I think last night was the first time I've ever had a whole pear. My dad likes 'em, so they are always in our house. I thought it was really good. And I realize that fruits have a lot of carbs, but are they OK for my diet?? Even if it's not good, I'll probly keep eatin fruit anywayz. But what about vegetables?? Aren't some fruits and vegetables better than others??

11-29-2001, 06:30 AM
is purple a fruit?

Ha ha, reminds me of The Simpsons.

11-29-2001, 06:39 AM
thadon man....finally someone picked up on that...*lol*

11-29-2001, 07:54 PM
lol, suprised it took that long :D

Beefy Boy
11-30-2001, 12:08 AM
have to agree with everyone else here.You will find no fruits that contain protein.Plenty of carb ladden fruits and the odd fruits that contain fats but no protein.

12-01-2001, 01:37 AM
good day, my little beef cakes.

i eat about two apples a day, one bananarama a day, and i love purple grapes. pears are high on the list too, along with clementine oranges....those things fell straight from heaven, i think...
as far as veggies go, veggies are low carb, so i don't hesitate piling them on. i'm a sucker for asparagus, i love korn, and the edible kind as well. beet greens are a good summertime food, along with cucumbers in vinegar, with a little garlic salt....mmmmm.
a little V8 never hurt anyone either, are ya with me?!?
what exactly is better post work out, food or protein shake :confused:

12-01-2001, 06:20 AM
except for some fruits like avacodo that high in fat.
fruits are low in fat and protein. low to meduim levels of fibre. and low to meduim levels of carbs. Fruits are not high in carbs, its just they give a high% of total energy from carbs. But thats mainly as they are like 90% water. Chocolate bars are in in carbs not fruit.
Also to class all fruit into one group is wrong. its like saying eating red meat is bad. well if your stuffing deep fried belly pork like its going out of fashion then you are far more likely to get a heart attack, then eating lean cuts of beef.
fruits are good source of vitamins especially, vits to kcal ratio.