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03-13-2005, 10:00 PM
I didnt notice any gains from my updated 2450cal diet last week... (go figure eh? :) ) anyways, im going to step it up a bit now. Heres my new one, let me know what you think... The only thing that could change day to day is my post-PWO meal... That could be anything, but usually is a sandwich.

Here goes :

40g Oat Bran 98cals/26.5c/6.9p/2.8f
40g Oats 150/27/5/3
.75cup Egg Beaters 90/3/18/0
1 Whole Egg 74.5/.6/6.2/5
140g Mushrooms 35/5.7/4.1/.5

TOTAL 447.9/62.8/40.2/11.3

Homemade Protein Bar 330/37.8/33.1/10.6

TOTAL 330/37.8/33.1/10.6

PWO Shake (1 scoop whey/40g Oats/100g Banana) 352/52.4/29/5

TOTAL 352/52.4/29/5

Post PWO Meal
2 Slices Ezekial Bread 160/30/8/1
Egg Salad (3 white/ 1whole egg / relish / celery / ff mayo) 155.3/8.3/17.2/5.7
3 Fish oil Caplets 27.1/0/0/3

TOTAL 342.4/38.3/25.2/9.7

140g Chicken (Raw Measure) 154/0/32.3/1.7
65g (raw) Brown Basmati Rice 226.1/48/5.7/2.1
1.5 cup Veggies 75/15/3/0

TOTAL 455.1/63/41/3.9

Evening Meal

112g Chicken (raw measure) 123/0/25.9/1.4
1.5 cups veggies 75/15/3/0
30g Oat Bran 73.8/19.9/5.2/2.1
30g Oats 112.5/20.2/3.8/2.2

TOTAL 384.5/55.1/37.8/5.7


255g Cottage Cheese 183.6/6.9/31.6/2.6
1 package sf jello gelatin 33.3/.5/5.7/0
2 tbsp natural pb 188.5/6.9/7.7/16

TOTAL 405.4/14.3/45/18.6

2717.3 Calories
323.8g Carbohydrates 45% cals
251.3g Protein 35% cals
64.8g Fats 20% Cals

*Note net carbs, with all my daily fiber comes out to 261g .... does this matter?

03-14-2005, 01:03 AM
Get that fat closer to 100g by adding 2 tbsp of olive oil or flax oil or 1/2 cup walnuts and I'd give it a thumbs up. The thing is I don't calculate my diet the "normal" way, but when I suggest 20-30% of calories from fat, I mean 20-30% from things that I would consider fat sources, ie., oils, nuts, pb, egg yolks, etc. In other words, I'm not counting the 3g of fat from oats towards that daily total.

I'm not suggesting you do what I do, but like I always say: EAT MORE FAT.

03-14-2005, 07:50 PM
olive oil and walnuts sound like good ideas, thanks for the help vido.