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03-17-2005, 07:25 AM
i got back into lifting about 1 month and 3 weeks ago, never really lifted that much before...i'll post a little background for you guys just so you can get an idea of how much of a pain in the ass i've gone through with dieting etc.

from about 3rd to 8th grade, i became a fatass. all i did was eat and play video games, or other things that required very little effort (all though one plus from this was that i learned photoshop/flash/html during this time which is what i'm probably going to go into after i'm done w/ highschool...). so 8th grade, i was about 5 foot 1 and 155lbs. i was pretty damn fat and extremely out of shape. my brother was working out getting ready for spring break and i figured i'd try and lose some weight before he got back, so i went and i lost about 6lbs in a week, by running and trying to cut back on my snacking. i continued this for a little while until i was down to about 135-140lbs then i had swimming in 9th grade...i was keeping kind of active by skateboarding but it just happened i broke my right hand behind the knuckle and middle finger, so i couldn't do that. i decided i'd start running to lose some weight. i revised my diet to be low cal and i began running 1 mile a day. i started to see the fat dropping off so i kept doing it and then i began running 2 miles a day. well, this was a stupid idea because i was eating about 1.6k calories a day and running, making me lose all my damn muscle. i continued this for about 3-4 months and was down to about 105lbs. i was really skinny and had no muscle. i stopped excersizing and upped my calories to about 2.2k a day but i kept losing weight, probably because my metabolism was high from being active. this continued til i was about 95lbs and 5 foot 2-3. needless to say, i was skinny as ****, my parents thought i was throwing up my food because i was so damn skinny now but i actually was trying to put on weight, just wasn't really working because i didn't realize i should be lifting and what not.

finally, after about 3 months i put on about 15lbs and was 110lbs, which is still really scrawny but better than before. this was lifting but i had no clue what i was doing. finally about april last year, my brother made me start lifting with him and his friend every other day following their routine. i did this and in about 3-4months i was up to 135lbs and pretty lean. when i started lifting i was barely benching 65-75lbs. basically, i was one of those kids with twig arms that embaresses themselves at the gym. i did this until mid july and i stopped because i went on vacation then his friend left to go to thailand on vacation and it got all screwed up. by the end i was repping about 105lbs on bench, doing pullback around a max of 130lbs for 8reps, doing tricep machine (i screw my wrists up on preachers curl every once in a while when my form goes to sh1t, so i can't do skull crushers...) at about 30-40lbs. i don't really remember anything else, but my legs have always been pretty strong (running/skateboarding).

i got back into lifting in january sometime (i got a pic i took that i'll check the date on, although no one is gonna see pics until the end of my 12-16week bulk). these were my stats (sry, i never really pay attention to what i do on legs, i'm just used to putting around the same weight on everytime, and i don't really know the name of the things i do...dual leg press, calve raise thing where u sit, and i don't know the other...)

starting: (these are all repping, i do 3 sets of each except bench, which is 4)
bench - 115x8
tricep machine - 40x8
incline press - 75x8
biceps - 30lbs+preachersbar x8
shrugs - 40lbs(x2, 40lb in each hand)x20
pullback - 135lbsx8
there are other freeweight things i do but they haven't increased all that much...

now: (as of 3/16/05)
bench - 145x8
tricep machine - 70x8 (i don't do this one anymore though, do something different)
incline press - 105x8? (they changed the bar and i don't know it's weight, seems a good amount heavier and it's really thick)
biceps - 50lbs + bar x 8 (can do 60+bar x 8 but i was trying to keep my wrists from hurting)
shrugs - 65 (x2, 65 in each hand)x20
pullback - 200x8

i think i've made good progress for only 1 3/4 months...expescially on the pullback. i've just about hit a wall on that though, i'm struggeling with 200lbs...used to be able to increase it 5lbs everytime i did it, but i think i'll be doing 200 for about a week or two...

i think genetically i'm pretty set for gaining muscle...my brother has always been pretty big even before he started lifting, although he was active playing varsity basketball and baseball...my goal is to get up to what he's at...i think that i can actually reach that by the end of this year, with dedication and hard work like i've been putting forth...if not, it's alright, i'll just keep going until i get there...

any comments?


03-17-2005, 07:42 AM
oh yea, here's a basic meal for me everyday

meal 1: protein shake + bananna
meal 2: tuna sandwhich or chicken ceaser wrap (can't get anything that healthy at school, and i don't feel like making my lunch, so these get the job done) + bag of pretzels and a carton of chocolate milk
meal 3: peanut butter & peanut butter sandwhich + glass of milk
meal 4: depends, days i workout it's a protein shake + yogurt or fruit and on non-workout days it's something like a can of tuna or another pb sandwhich, or some oatmeal with pb&j in it (i love pb&j, what can i say)
meal 5: dinner, changes day to day, whatever my parents make
meal 6: usually glass of milk and about 5 spoons of pb

critque it for me...it's doing the job and getting me enough protein for each lb of my bodyweight and i'm never hungry other than when i wake up but if you guys can suggest better stuff, go ahead, thanks