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03-18-2005, 07:42 AM
well due to injury i dont think ill be workin out like i was before is this good diet

Breakfast = 3/4 cup Total: Protien Cereal w/ low carb non fat milk

Mid-morning snack = usually a peice of fruit like apple or banana

Lunch = Turkey Sandwich(just turkey no mayo or nothing)

Mid-Evening and Dinner = either 99% fat free chicken breast/99% fat free turkey cutlet, or 6oz can of tuna(in water) i split up my mid evening and dinner i eat half around 3-4pm and rest at 6-7pm

Drink alot of water to

im not able to workout like i did before all i mostly do is crunchs, all i could do ,will this diet keep me from gain fat

03-18-2005, 10:45 AM
this diet will not only keep you from gaining fat, but it will have you losing the muscle that you already have, you definitely need to eat more, and there is absolutely no fats in your diet, add some healthy fats in there ie olive oil, flax seed, natural pb. You also need carbs, even if you arent working out. Your mid morning snack needs protein, add some hard boiled eggs or lean meat, breakfast skip the processed total cereal and have some oatmeal, plus a couple of eggs, you can keep the milk in there if you wish. Lunch could be a bit more as well. Before dinner you should have another meal, maybe a natty pb and sf jelly sandwich, and a shake, or some cottage cheese and an apple, etc... Eat one dinner, add in some rice or a potato, and have a meal prior to going to bed, either a casein shake, or some cottage cheese, plus some more fats, in the form of natty pb/flax/olive oil/handful of nuts etc. You still will be pretty low on cals, but at least your body is not going to shut down and start eating away at all your hard earned muscle.

Others im sure can help you out as well. Try to rework your diet, figure out how much cals/pro/carbs/fats you are getting, a good site is www.fitday.com, and figure out a new meal plan, post it, and we can help you out some more.

BTW Crunches alone arent going to do anything for you, you should try light weight training, you dont have to go heavy if your injured, but any little bit could help.

03-18-2005, 03:06 PM
yea i cant do any at all except for crunchs lol