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03-21-2005, 11:25 AM
Ok, I sit here and read everyones journals,so I figured I'll start one, since I am trying to cut. Here is some background.

Starting Point:
Age: 31
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 225 lbs.
BF%: caliper says 18%

BF%: 9%
Weight: would like to maintain as much LM as possible
Yesterdays Training:

Flat DB: 2 set warmup 80x12, 100x10, 110x8, 100x10
Incline BB: 185x10, 225x8, 225x7, 185x9
Crossover: 35x12, 35x12, 40x12
Pushdowns: 180x12, 200x12, 200x12
DB Press: 100x10, 100x10, 100x8
Close Grip: 135x12, 185x8, 185x6
Behind the Butt Shrugs: 225x8, 225x8, 225x8
DB Shrug: 100x8, 100x8, 100x8
Crunch Machine: 3 sets of 20
Leg Lifts: 3 sets of 20

Diet (I am not a calorie counter, just trying to get my protein and eliminate the bad stuff, like sweets and chips -- baby steps):

meal 1: designer whey (2 scoops)
slice of WW with tblspoon of natural PB
1 banana
2 multi-vitamin, 2 calcium, 1 prostate, 1 MSM

meal 2: chix breast
brown rice
salad - no dressing
5gm glutamine

meal 3: same as meal 2

meal 4: same as meal 1, no banana
5gm glutamine

meal 5: roast beef
apple sauce
white potato

meal 6: same as meal 2, no banana

Don't know breakdown, didn't keep track, have to get better with this.

03-21-2005, 06:59 PM
No training had meetings all day, client's company is going public, so tryign to help them sort a few things out. Did 45 min. cardio, treadmill 4mph.

Meal 1: Designer Whey (2 scoops) , banana, 1 cup oatmeal

Meal 2: Chix Breast, cup lima beans, broccoli

Meal 3: same as meal 2

Meal 4: same as meal 1, minus oatmeal

Meal 5: Boneless Pork Chop, salad (no dressing)

Meal 6: Designer Whey (2 scoops)

03-21-2005, 08:06 PM
:spam: consider yourself spammed...welcome to journal land and good luck. I know you mentioned wanting to stay as lean as possible but do you have any other particular goals?

03-21-2005, 08:52 PM
:spam: consider yourself spammed...welcome to journal land and good luck. I know you mentioned wanting to stay as lean as possible but do you have any other particular goals?

Ya, I am 31 years old. I have always been a competitive athlete, (D1 college f-ball player), but now I am married got a kid on the way, I play in a few hockey leagues and one b-ball league, but I can feel age getting a hold of my body. The aches and pains don't go away that fast and I am having real difficulty with my mid-section (beer taste so good when it hits your lips). I use to be 225lbs at about 9%bf till I hit 28 years old. I started to get fat, b/c I started a marketing company and was busting my butt to make the cash, now three years later, I am loafed. My body aches (four knee surgeries, torn rotator cuff, bone spurs (getting those yanked though)) , I remember when I had less BF I felt great energized, was actually quick. Now when I play b-ball or hockey and these young bucks are zipping past me, its tough to hang. This may sound stupid, but as dumb as adult sport leagues may be, it allows me to get those competitive juices going. So to make a long winded post shorter,

- lower bf%
- maintain strength while losing BF
- get back the speed and quickness I use to have
- get back to dunking a b-ball
- I'd like to bench 405 again, but would rather lose BF, and my rotator cuff really makes it difficult to bench BB flat.

03-21-2005, 08:56 PM
sounds like you have great goals and know what you're doing...may I ask who you played for in college?

03-24-2005, 09:48 PM
Welcome to journal-land.

Good luck with the goals :)

Good luck on the impending - how long to go?