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03-22-2005, 02:01 PM
Hey Wannabes im new to this site, and ive been reading alot of your threads and im proud to be in this membership.

Im 16 Ive been lifting ever since February 2004

as of know here is my training schedule

Monday-(Chest) Bench press - 135 10x warmup, 155 10x , 185-6x, then i
decrease and i go down back to 135 10x
Barbell pench press 40 45 50 x 10 8 6
flys - 3x 10 20lbs then i do triceps
Tricep pull downs 35 40 45 x 12 10 8 (with correct form)
skull crushers 45 50 55 x 12 10 8
Wednesday (Arms) Ez Bar Bicep curl 65lbs 3x 8 then i go to
light workout and do 25lbs 3x10 just to give it the tear
then i do forearms 30lbs 2x failure reverse and backwords (4sets)
3x10 20lbs side raises (delts)
Friday-(Legs & Back)Squats 135x10 warmup ,185x 8, 215x6, 235x4
calf raises 250lbs 3x15 then i work out my back
Lat pull downs 90 100 110 by 12 10 8 behind the head 70 80 90
x 10 8 6, Military Press 90 100 110 x 12 10 8, Shrugs 3-20 50lbs

I do 12mins of abs every other day and i do cardio tuesdays and thursday

I havent calculated my daily nutritional intake
heres my average food intake
morning Protein shake with bagel and peanut butter
lunch- Deli sub (Italian bread, turkey, american cheese, lettuce, tomato,
After Workout - protein shake
Dinner - i either eat beef or chicken with rice (that what arab families
usually eat)

Supplements - Growth Factor- 1 with every meal (4tablets each day) i know
i shouldnt be taking it but it works

Im somewhat creative with my workouts my goals are to be in the best shape i can be for next year because im planning to join soccer, and wrestling and i just want to have an overall appealin physique hey im only 16 thats what we all want


Thankyou Wannabebig members

weight 180
Max bench 220
max squat 250
max dead lift 275
BF% 12

ill post pictures up later