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03-22-2005, 06:28 PM
I am going to post all of my workouts in here, along with some miscellaneous info such as sleep, supplements and diet. I am going to be training on a typical bodybuilding split (chest/back/legs/arms/shoulders). My goals are to progressively get heavier, and set new personal records (PR's) as often as possible.

I am going to keep things nice and simple, not a lot of garbage in here. I am 21 years old, around 230 lbs., and I am going to estimate approximately 12-14% bodyfat. I have posted on other forums, so I am sure a few of you will recognize me.

My current 1RM's are:

Bench: 350
Squat: 455
Deadlift: 620

And I am going to attach a few pics of myself.