View Full Version : Stomach is big, bloated and loss of apetite

03-23-2005, 03:47 PM
Hi, I am bulking right now and I took some time off during the winter (like 4 weeks) and now since around Jan 20th I have been trying to eat a lot. WhatI have had today was 7 eggs (2 yolks) and 2 peices of french toast for breakfast with about 24 oz of water, I have had 1 peanut butter sandwich with 3/4 of an apple, and 24 oz of water. I had a protein bar - 20 g protein ~ 20 g carb and 8 f at ~ 270 cals. I am starting on a chicken breast now and some pasta, and a potato latke (sp.?). What I want to know is that my stomach feel big and kinda bloated...I have some gas issues and my stomach just feels uncomfortable - hasn't affected me before (like last semester too much when I was bulking). What is this cause of this? I don't think I'm overeating cause I have not had THAT MUCH today. I need some advice cause it's also affecting my appetite and such....blahhhh