View Full Version : In between diet breaks

03-26-2005, 08:26 AM
Ok, I have recently been on a 3 month cut...... Started out at 185lbs now down to 165. Have been on a 1800 -2100 cal daily. Mainly 1800 on cardio only days and up to 2100 on lifting days. Have been doing 40 min of strenuos cardio on a staitonary bike and stair climber 6 days a week for the past 2 months, and alternating my lifting from upper monday & Friday. Legs Wednesday. then crossover the next week 2 days of legs and 1 upper.

My intentions are to get to 8% body fat. I beleive i'm somewhere between 12 - 17 currently. But not sure. I get reading from calipers reading 10 - 13% (thats also using rusty iron website calculator)

I intend on doing UD 2.0 for a month. I am gonna take a 2 week break like recommended and go on a maintenance. i'm looking at between 2400 - 2700 cal.

My Question is do these cals seem ok.......and while on this short break should i take 1 or 2 weeks entirely off of cardio? Or do a "Maintenance" 3 days at 30min. And for lifting just take it completely off? I plan on spending a couple days in the gym trying my max lifts so i have them for reference. and can work off of those numbers.

Also Macro's have been floating around 50p/ 30c/ 20f - 40p/45c/15f. these numbers are daily %. Have been taking udo's as a fat supplement and all other fat comes either naturally (meat) or minimal olive oil.

Thanks for any and all help! Will post some pics a little later