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03-28-2005, 11:26 PM
Alright time to get serious. No more bs.

I started a log a while back and posted twice i think? Well this time im for real. Just some background on me. I started lifting serious about a year ago with no lifting experience at all. Although Ive only been lifting "smart" for about 6-8 months. When I started I weighed 163. Now I'm 18, about 190 ibs. My 1RM's are, 215 bench, 290-305 deadlift, and around 265 squat? I figure this type of thing will give me more motivation. So here goes...

Oh and by the way, any comments, tips, help, anything, is all welcome.

Today was my chest and back day. I was really pressed for time tho and was rushed to get everything done quickly. I didnt even have time for deadlifts... So i didnt feel i got a very productive workout

Bench- 135x10 165x8 180x5 I dont know whats going on with my bench lately, i feel like im making no progress whatsoever, mayb even going down in weight??
Incline DB's- 50'sx9 55'sx7 60'sx5
Dips- 2 sets of 10
Barbell Rows- 115x9 125x8 135x5
Lat Pulldowns- 170x9 180x8 190x7
Shrugs- 145x10 185x10 205x7

03-29-2005, 03:22 PM
Usually I dont go to the gym on tuesdays but I didnt have enough time to do deadlifts yesterday. I've only been doin dls for a couple months and I'm starting to really like doing them. Here was my workout


I also did some abs. Some concentration ab curls, 2 sets of 12, and some abs on the pulley machine. 175x25, and 190x18

04-07-2005, 06:46 PM
Terrible start on this journal thing. Have been busy lately and havent had much time to update this, but here it is...

Wednesday 3-30-05 I missed leg day because I had to drive a couple hours to go car shopping and didnt have any time

Friday 4-1-05 my shoulder, tricep, and bicep day, i forgot my log and cant remember everything

Monday 4-4-05 Didnt get much sleep and was tired all day
BB Bench Press 135x10 185x5 215x1 (max hasnt changed for over a month)
One armed DB Bench Press 35x10 45x8 50x6 (just started these, they really tore me up)
Incline DB 55x5 55x5 55x6
Dips 2 sets of 10
Flys on machine 120x9 130x7 140x5
Tuesday 4-5-05
Barbell Rows 95x10 125x10 145x8 150x6
Lat Pulldowns 170x9 180x7 190x7
DL's 135x10 185x7 205x7 (i was so weak doing these, pretty pathetic)
Shrugs 195x10 205x10 215x10 105x30
DB Rows 60x8 60x10 65x8
Wednesday 4-5-05
Squats 135x10 185x7 205x6
One Legged leg curls 90x10 100x9 105x8
Leg curls 90x10 135x10
Standing Calf Raises 195x10 215x10 215x10
Another terrible workout, i dont understand what is goin on with me lately, i must need more sleep?

04-08-2005, 05:39 PM
Friday 4-8-05
Military Press 105x7 115x5 120x3
Seated DB Press 50x7 50x7 60x3
Skull Crushers- 60x10 70x8 70x7
One handed tricep pulldowns 55x7 40x7 (super setted)
Again pressed for time today, i sold my car and have had get rides with my friend who doesnt do many excercises and gets done quickly. not having a car sucks, especially when it affects my lifting...

04-10-2005, 12:06 AM
Saturday 4-9-05
Since I didnt have time to do biceps yesterday i decided to do a quick workout today
BB Curls 85x9 90x7
Reverse BB Curls 2x65x10
Concentration Curls 25x10 30x7
Wrist curls 45(the bar)x15 50x10
Reverse wrist curls 45x10 45x7
Just started doing some direct forearm work, hopefully theyll start growing faster

04-11-2005, 11:13 PM
Monday 4-11-05 (Chest)
Bench Press 135x10 165x8 185x3
DB Incline 50x9 55x9 60x6
Dips 2 sets 10
One arm DB Bench Press 50x6 55x6
Machine Flys 110x10 120x7

04-12-2005, 02:19 PM
Tuesday 4-12-05 (Back)
Deads 135x10 225x9 275x4 225x8
BB Rows 135x9 145x8 155x6.5
DB Rows 55x10 60x10 65x7
DB Shrugs 70x12 80x10 85x9

Today I fealt like I had a pretty productive workout, not as tired as I have been feeling in the last week. I need to start goin to bed earlier to get a full 8 hours sleep at night...