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12-02-2001, 10:13 PM
Okay, I first heard that milk was bad for you. Then I here that milk is bad for you while cutting. Well I'm all for milk anytime, so here's a question for all you milk haters:

Why is milk so bad for you when cutting?

I assume this would be because the source of carbohydrates in milk is the sugar lactose. But lactose also has a low GI. I don't know much about GI here, but I'm going to assume GI is related to how fast a carb is digested. If milk has a low GI, wouldn't that also mean that it digests very slowly. Then why for the love of god is it so bad?

Let's say that milk - in spite of it's low GI - does digest quickly (I suppose this would be bad due to lack of energy hours later) then how about this:

Let's say you consume 6 meals per day. Each meal has a breakdown of about 36g. Protein, 44g. Carbs, and is spaced out about 2-1/2 to 3 hours apart. Now let's say you changed the breakdown of the last 5 meals to 28g. Protein, and 32g. Carbs, and in between each meal consume 8oz. of skim milk. You still have plenty of energy throughout the day, and you have upped the number of times eating per day from six to ELEVEN! All by the convenience of nature's perfect food - MILK, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

12-02-2001, 11:30 PM
GI (Glycemic Index) has to do with how the body reacts to the carbohydrate, in terms of insulin response.

The GI scale is independent of complex and simple carbs, yet as a general rule, complex carbs tend to be low and simple carbs tend to be high.

I personally don't see the problem in consuming fat-free milk, and what you wrote does apply to the protein. Milk contains whey (fast digesting) and casein (slow digesting), making it good as both an immediate and steady protein source.

12-03-2001, 01:27 AM
Some people say that lactose causes bloating, or something like that.
I've got no personal experience to back that up.

12-03-2001, 03:51 AM
Milk tastes good only when mixed in shakes or oats

Drinking it on it's own is vile

(and once again) But that's just prolly just me


12-03-2001, 05:12 AM
Qea, you better watch it buddy! tuttut :bash:

12-03-2001, 01:53 PM
I love milk.

I get slighly bloated. But thats normally due to drinking 2 pints in about a minute and already eaten lots of food.

Some people avoid diary when getting cut, so that might have something to do with it. as it may retain water. But I do not worry about that. aslo non-caucasian group often are intolerant of milk so suffer probalems from it. like bloating which will also give it a bad name.
but i agree with powerman on short and meduim releasing proteins.
also milk is good before bed a slow relaese of casein will help keep you in postive nitorgen balance.

12-03-2001, 06:50 PM
I seem to get pretty some gas from milk, but I need it for calories. Otehrwise I dont seem to be able to eat enough, like at breakfast.

I try to stay away from it at night though.

Tre Bong
12-03-2001, 10:54 PM
milk made kurt angle an olympic hero man, and me 2, ok maybe not me but in my mind i am the greatest sportsman :)

drink milk

Beefy Boy
12-04-2001, 03:48 AM
I love milk but while dieting i am using skim milk only.I will see in a few months whether drinking skim milk hinders fat loss-i personally think not but wait and we will see.