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02-23-2001, 11:26 AM
February 23, 2001

Today marks the beginning of my "new" routine. I'll be consuming 3600 Calories - 30% Protein/40% Carbs/30% Fat.

Training Schedule is the Wanna Be Big Routine. My Plan is to BULK. I'm Currently 6'2" 163 lbs with 8.5% Bodyfat.

Typical Nutrition Schedule:
0800: MRP / Natural PB & Banana Sandwich
1030: Egg White Cheese Omelette / Cereal and Skim Milk / 1 Tbsp Flaxseed Oil
1300: MRP / Natural PB & Banana Sandwich
1530: .5 Can of Tuna Sandwich with Lettuce, Pickle, Celery, Onions, Fat-Free Mayo
1900: MRP / Banana / 2 Yogurts (Post-Workout)
2130: BBQ Chicken Breast

265g Protein / 369g Carbs / 119g Fat

Anyone with Comments don't hesitate. I'll take any criticism. 3 MRPs cause I don't like fixing food every time I turn around.

02-23-2001, 05:11 PM
Just finished Day 1 Training. WOW!!! I got really pumped, but it didn't last through the whole workout.

First time to do Deads ever, felt okay...really weak though - 175lbs. Will definately work on it. Didn't feel legs burn until last few reps on last set. Need to bend knees more I think. Kept back as straight as possible.

After doing chest routine, I thought I would finish early, turns out it took me just about an hour for the whole workout. Glad I didn't add any more sets - I'll do it as posted.

1-10 Rating: Chest - 9 / Back - 8

02-25-2001, 07:49 AM
3 MRPs a DAY???? where do u get all the money1??

02-25-2001, 10:55 AM
Actually, each MRP costs me just $1.08...that's comes out to just about $100/month. Maybe a few bucks more than regular food. Definately worth the hassel of preparing meals. Always buy online.

02-25-2001, 09:42 PM
Leg Day, need I say more...YES!

Haven't done squats since Jr. High. Never done Hack Squats or Straight-Leg Deads. Every bit of them seemed a bit awkard. Basically this workout was figuring out how much weight to use.

Squats were pathetic. I swear my legs are smaller than those on a chicken farm, at least that's how strong they feel. LOTS OF ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT!!!

Overall Rating: 8

02-27-2001, 08:31 PM
3rd Workout:

Failed each Shoulder workout, didn't feel like they were very pumped after the routine. Tri's and Bi's got a good pump...espically my biceps, feel like tennis balls ;)

1-10 Rating: Shoulders - 8 / Tri's - 9 / Bi's - 9+

Abs were done in between Workout 1 & 2. Will do them again tomorrow first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to help burn any added fat I might have been storing.

Diet is right on!!!

First week and I can already see improvements. I'm impressed.

03-02-2001, 10:35 AM
March 2, 2001 / (End of Week 1)

Old Weight: 163 lbs.
Old Bodyfat: 8.5%

New Weight: 167 lbs.
New Bodyfat: 7%

163 X 8.5% = 13.9 lbs of fat
167 X 7% = 11.7 lbs of fat

A gain of 6 lbs of muscle and a loss of 2 lbs of fat. There is a 2% error in my BF calculation so I'm sure it's not totally accurate. I can see a difference in the mirror though. Can't wait to see what 12 weeks will bring.

03-02-2001, 05:47 PM
I wasn't going to post today, but I have some good news.

I increased my Deadlift by 30lbs in one week. Felt good this time; in fact, could have lifted heavier, but I couldn't hold on to the bar. Seems my grip needs to get stronger. My forearms feel like what Popeyes look like :D

My arms are rounder instead of looking like a 2 by 4 wooden board.

I can see huge improvements around my upper chest/shoulder area and around my neck. I think I'm growing :)

03-08-2001, 10:35 AM
March 8, 2001.

Today marks the end of my bulking phase; at least for 2 weeks. I managed to gain 10lbs in these 14 days and if I continue like this, the majority of weight gain will be from bodyfat.

2 Weeks Ago - Starting Weight: 163 lbs
- Starting BF%: 8.5%

1 Week Ago - Old Weight: 167 lbs
- Old BF%: 7%

Currently - New Weight: 173 lbs
- New BF%: 9.75%

Conclusion: A gain of 7lbs of lean muscle and 3 lbs of fat.

Tomorrow I start a 2 week cutting phase. I'll update later with a meal plan and strategy. For now I have to go fly. Later all.

03-08-2001, 10:56 AM
You gained 7lbs of muscle in 2 weeks? Are you using steroids?

Also, what's the difference between unlean muscle and lean muscle?

03-10-2001, 01:22 PM
I believe lean muscle is meat without fat. I've never heard of unlean muscle unless it's including the fat weight.

NO!!! I'm not on steroids. I don't know if it was 7 lbs of muscle, but I do know that my beginning weight and ending weight was a difference of 10 lbs. My bf% gained 2.25%. So:
163 X 8.5% = 13.9 lbs of my body is fat.
173 X 9.75% = 16.8 lbs of my body is fat.
(If I'm doing that correctly).
So that would conclude that I gained 3 lbs. of fat in 2 weeks and the rest was probably a combination of muscle, water, fecis or whatever.

All I know is I can see changes in the mirror and that's what I want. And, in 2 weeks...ah yeah baby!!!

03-10-2001, 02:45 PM
For the next 2 weeks, I plan to cut. I want to lose all the fat I gained and then some while maintaing most of my muscle. If you haven't figured out what I'm doing, it's the ABCDE Program.

I'll continue using the WannaBeBig Lifting Routine only I'm going to change my reps and weight. I don't want to hit failure cause I don't want to tear my muscles or break them down too much. Also, I'll be doing some bike riding in the morning for an hour on an empty stomach - that's my cardio routine. (Biking is so much better on my knees than running and biking also hits my legs much more - and I do need that :D )

Now, here's the tricky part. Not only am I cycling total calorie intake, but I'm also cycling my protein intake so I don't become protein dependent.

1st 3 days:
Calories: 1300 - 80% Protein / 5% Carbs / 15% Fat
Meal 1: Lean Body MRP
Meal 2: 6 Egg Whites & Fat-Free Cheese Omelette
Meal 3: Lean Body MRP
Meal 4: One and a half Chicken Breast
Meal 5: One and a half Chicken Breast
(Only 5 meals cause anything more I'll exceed my total calorie intake) - I might take those 2 half Chicken Breast and make it another meal.

227g Protein / 56g Carbs / 19g Fat

2nd 3 days:
Meal 1: 1 Packet Oatmeal & half TBSP Flaxseed Oil
Meal 2: Lean Body MRP
Meal 3: Pasta
Meal 4: Pasta
Meal 5: Lean Body MRP
(Notice most of the protein is whey - that's deliberate).

112g Protein / 188g Carbs / 8g Fat

Last I checked, I'm 173lbs with 9.75% Bodyfat.

This protein cycling will continue for the whole 2 weeks. Wish me luck - cause I'm going to need it ;)