View Full Version : Nachos..mmm

Short N Buff
12-04-2001, 12:00 AM
Ever since i ate nachos for lunch i've been addicted to them. i like jalapenos on them but they make my skin really ugly.. any one else got addicted to any (junk) food?:cry:

12-04-2001, 12:47 AM
fat free/no sugar added ice cream product.

I'd put peanut butter on it and some sort of cereal, but it had maltodextrin in it instead of sugar, which isnt much better, nameen?

Beefy Boy
12-04-2001, 03:45 AM
I was and am fighting it, addicted to anything that is unhealthy.Main favourite McDonald's,damn ronald mcdonald!

12-04-2001, 07:54 AM
Mmmmmmm Nachos. I love Nachos! jalapenos, cheese, olives, tomatoes, ground beef....hot salsa....

~suddenly wakes up drooling~

....Ok I'll have my oats now:D

12-04-2001, 10:04 AM
I would say my one junkfood I really love is Doritios :) YUMMY!

12-04-2001, 10:22 AM
I crave anything that is loaded in sugar. Ice cream, cookies, any type of candy snacks.. Recently I have been craving sugar bad!! I thought if I cheated last weekend that would make the craving go away... Was I wrong!!! That made it worse. Hope I can get over this ice cream and cookie addiction pretty soon or I'll be gaining 40lbs in no time :eek:

12-04-2001, 10:25 AM
simple solution...just switch your diet to a bulking diet!:D


12-04-2001, 01:19 PM
lol@bulking diet...
thats what ive been saying to myself. "hey i lift--maybe ill get some muscle from all this food" :p

I am addicted to grandma's rich greasy fatty Russian home cookin'. And grandma is home 100% of the time :eek: :eek: :eek: Also, chocolate and anything with chocolate in it or on it.