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05-08-2005, 02:31 PM
Ok, this is my first time doing an online journal for weightlifting. I've always recorded my workouts in notebooks, but, I think this will help me put more focus on my diet, and my progress. Any advice is welcome!

May 8th Stats
Height: 5'9
Weight: 205 lbs
Bodyfat: 13.8%
Waist: 36"
I need to get a measuring tape, so I can get measurements on my arms, ect.

Current Goals
To drop 20 pound by August 8th, having to sacrifice as little muscle and strength as possible along the way. It seems like any body fat I've got on my body is concentrated around my chest and torso. I don't have a gut, but my stomach's a little flabby. My chest too. I really want to get rid of this because I think it detracts a great deal from my physique. I should have some pictures up here soon, as well as measurements.

This is actually a new routine I'm starting this week. I'm coming off of the WBB 1 routine, and before that I had done 3 months on the MAX OT routine. I got good results from both, but I'm ready for something a little different. I'm going to be going with a standard push/pull split. Here's what it looks like (including my cardio days).

Flat Bench Press: 3x6
Incline DB Bench: 2x6
Crossbench DB Pullovers: 1x6
Close Grip Bench: 3x6
Cable Pushdowns: 2x6
BB Military Press: 3x6
Side DB Lat Raises: 2x6

35 Minutes of cardio (running/jogging)

Squats: 3x6
Leg Press: 2x6
BB Calf Raises: 3x6
Reverse BB Curls: 2x6
DB Side Wrist Curls: 2x6
Farmer Walks: 3x(however many laps can go)
Crunches: 3x25
Cable Crunches: 2x7
Lying Leg Raises: 2x12

35 Minutes of cardio (running/jogging)

Chin Ups: 3x8
Deadlifts: 2x6
BB Rows: 2x6
BB Curls: 3x6
Alternating DB Curls: 2x6
BB Shrugs: 3x6

35 minutes of cardio (running/jogging)

35 minutes of cardio (running/jogging)
That's what I've come up with so far. If anyone has any advice, please feel free to add your input. I think the most difficult part of my goals is going to be just keeping the diet in line. Last summer I dropped from 240 (not sure my bf but i know it was high) to 200 by fall. I had some personal drama that caused me to neglect my diet (women suck), and I probably packed on a good 5 pounds I don't need. Anyways, if anyone has any advice on good healthy foods that are quick to prepare, that'd be awesome.
I'm going to be taking in 2,100 calories a day, at least 200g of protein a day. I'm still putting together what my diet's going to look like, but I'm thinking of something along the lines of this:

Breakfast: 3 eggs, one piece of wheat toast, bowl of oatmeal, pre-workout protein shake

Snack 1 / Meal 2: post-workout shake, can of tuna fish.

Lunch: (still trying to figure out what's some good affordable lunches to fix, I'm really lost on good choices for the diet here, I have a few things in mind, but I want variety)

Snack 2/Meal 4: 1 cup of cottage cheese, 1 granola bar, 1 fruit

Dinner: (this will vary, but I have more options in mind for this, really, it's what to bring as a lunch at work that's got me scratching my head).

I might allow myself a snack in the evening after dinner, but it'd be something along the lines of celery, or carrot sticks, maybe cottage cheese, or a can of tuna.

05-10-2005, 08:33 AM
Yesterday was the first day of my new routine/diet. Felt really good, and here's how things looked.

BB Bench: 6/5/4 @ 250 lbs
Incline DB Bench: 8/8 @ 60lbs
Dips (decided to go with dips as opposed to the pullovers): 7
Close Grip Bench: 6/6 @ 190 lbs
Cable Pushdowns: 7/6 @ 160 lbs
BB Military Press: 7/7/6 @ 145 lbs
DB Side Lateral Raises: 6/6 @ 40lbs

Diet went good, after adding everything up that I had taken in on my Fitday. It looked like this

2,200 calories (went over my calorie intake by about 150). 220g protein, 60g fat (need to try to lower that amount down a little bit), 150g carbs.

All in all, it was a pretty good day. I only got about 6 hours of sleep the night before, because of drama with a chick, but that **** is once and for all settled and gone. Improving myself is what I'm focused on now. Later tonight, I'll be posting my log for Tuesday.

05-11-2005, 08:11 AM

Yesterday was a cardio day, went running for 30 minutes, at 8 minutes per mile. Got in a total of 3.5 miles. Was a good run, and it felt good. Still trying to get into a good groove with my diet but I haven't been going over my calorie intake by too much so far. My totals looked like this 2400 calories, 263g protein, 210g carb, 52g fat. Got about 7 and a half hours sleep on Monday.

05-12-2005, 09:13 AM
Yesterday was a pretty good day. I'm getting better at managing my cut. I really need to plan stuff out a little bit the night before, but so far I've only gone a couple hundred calories over my intake goal of 2,100. For Wednesday it looks like this 2303 calories 51g fat 225g carb 244g protein

My workout looked like this, it was abs/legs/forearms, the lifts for my legs are pretty light because my left knee is pretty bad. I'm slowly working up to what I used to be able to do. I'm just so happy I can squat again. My meniscus has pretty much healed up:

Leg Press: 6/5 @ 160 lbs
Squats: 6/6/5 @ 95 lbs
Calf Raises: 6/6 @ 131lbs
Reverse BB Curls: 6/6 @ 105 lbs
DB Side Wrist Curls: 6/6 @ 40lbs
Farmer Walks: 10/5 @ 40 lbs
Crunchse: 25/25/10
Cable Crunches: 6/6 @ 120lbs
Lying Leg Raises: 10/10