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05-09-2005, 08:31 AM
Hello all. I just joined the forum but have been a lurker and watcher for awhile now. I have been lifting a 2-3 times a week for the last 14 months or so. Mostly following the body for life workout plan. I did see some gains and actually felt pretty good about where I was headed. Recently I've lacked motivation to working out and as such have slacked off in doing so, to the tune of about 1 time a week now. On a side note, I do love basketball and play that 3-4 times a week so its not like I've just become a couch potato.

Anyway, I've decided to jump back into the thick of things and this journal seems like an excellent place to keep track of my progress.

I will post some before pics here shortly. For now, I'm 28 years old, 6 foot 168lbs. My body fat is probably around 8.5%. My goal is to get to 180-185 pounds and 7.0% BF. My max bench is ~180. I would like to get that to 200. Those are my two main goals.

My main obstacle is going to be my diet. I'm a single guy who hates to cook and is fairly picky about my food. I never have been a big meat eater so getting enough protein is going to be tough. I eat fast food probably once a day. I try to eat "clean fast food" as in Subway or BBQ. I NEVER eat McD's or BK. I know I need to eat more then I do currently and I also know I need to clean up what I'm eating.

Well enough ranting and time to post my Journal.

Any help or critisim(sp) is welcome


Bowl of corn flakes
8oz of 1% milk
8oz of water

Mid morning
Breakfast burrito w/ egg cheese and green chile
12oz of water

Lunch 2pm
Chopped BBQ beef with BBQ sauce
Small helping of mash potatoes and gravy
One piece of toast
16oz water

Workout at 6pm
12oz water
Post workout shake
3 scoops of N-large + 8 oz oz 1% milk

Chopped BBQ beef w/ BBQ sauce (leftovers)
Scoop of mash potatoes
1 can of coke
8oz of water

I will need to try and figure out the calories, fat, protein, carbs in all of my diet. Any first impressions?

Workout- WBB1
Chest and back

Flat BB bench
1x12x45 --- Warmup 1
1x12x95 --- Warmup 2
1x9x140 --- Will increase this to 150 or 155 next time

Incline DB press
1x10x50's --- Increase this to 60's
1x7x60's ---

1x8 - normal Bodyweight dip
1x7 - normal BW dip

Chin ups
1x 6 normal BW
1x 5.5 normal BW -- I really need to work on these to get strength up.

1x10x45 -- warmup
1x10x65 -- warmup
1x10x95 -- Need to increase this

Barbell rows
1x10x65 -- need to increase


Pretty good workout overall. Some of these exercises, Im just getting my bearings on as either they are new, or I am not used to going so heavy.

Anyways, I'll run and hide now as I know the bullets are coming for my diet :cry: .

05-09-2005, 08:34 AM
I think it's great that you started a journal. Having a journal is a good way to keep track of your progress. Goodluck!