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05-16-2005, 08:26 PM
Hey hows it goin everyone. I plan on starting this journal so I can keep track of my progress and keep myself motivated. Alright, a little bit about me. I am 18 years old and most definitely a hard gainer. right now I am 6'3 and 150 pounds. I got real serious about workin out a little over a year ago, and I'd say that I have almost no fat on my body. I have turned almost every scrap into muscle. This being said, I am not the type of person somebody would look at and say "Whoa, you're jacked" because I am skinny. I have plenty of things to motivate me, such as last year I was at the pool with some of my buds and a couple of girls when one of my friends said "Doesn't Mike look like one of those starving kids from Africa?" At that very moment, I made a commitment to NEVER quit. Back then I weighed 135 pounds, so I have made progress, but I can't quite get past that 150 mark. Some of this has to do with the fact that I have a big family and there's hardly ever food in the house, but I will have a job painting this summer, and I plan to spend a good portion of the money I make on food, MRPs, etc. Alright, with that out of the way, here is my workout for today:
Muscles worked: Chest, shoulder, triceps
Chest- Bench press: 4 sets, set1- 8reps 105 pounds, set 2- 5 reps 115 lbs, set3- 3 reps 120lbs, set 4- 2 reps 125 lbs, then 100lbs to failure(burnout set)
superset- dumbell chest flyes- 30lbs in each hand 10 reps

Shoulder- Shoulder press: 4 sets, set1- 8 reps 75lbs, 2- 6reps 80lbs, 3- 4reps 85lbs, 4- 2reps 90lbs. Burnout set- 65 lbs 6 times
shoulder flyes to failure- 15lbs in each hand- 15 reps

Triceps- Dips: 4 sets to failure, 1- 6reps, 2- 5 reps, 3- 5 reps, 4- 4reps
Cable Extension to failure: 7reps 50lbs

Abs: Crunches- 4 sets 1-25reps, 2,3,4- 20reps

I hope to make BIG progress this summer. I'll post goals next time and hopefully pics soon.

Until next time,

05-16-2005, 08:49 PM
Good luck dude, and who's rebecca?

05-17-2005, 08:40 AM
Are you doing free weights? I can't tell by your journal entry but if you're not, definitely switch to doing free weights. And you are on the right track if you say you're going to be spending your money on food. You need to eat all you can, and I mean everything in sight. Being 6'3", youve got a lot of weight to put on but if you keep at it you'll be jacked.

05-17-2005, 09:41 AM

05-17-2005, 02:34 PM
Thanks fo the support guys. To answer your questions: Yes, Im using just about all free weights. I only go to the machine if I feel like i need a little something extra after my workout.

And rebecca is my little sis.

05-18-2005, 08:00 PM
I was supposed to work my legs 2day, but I had a tough day. First, I lost the only set of keys to my car. I had to use my parent's van, but i only had the time to use it to get 2 baseball practice. It pisses me off cause it seems like crap like this happens almost every week. I'm starting to look forward to living at college more and more. No more problems like this. I'm gonna work out my legs tomorrow afternoon and I cant wait.
I do see another problem this week. I got the prom on friday, then i'm goin somewhere possibly for the weekend. I CAN NOT wait until all this crap clears up and I can focus on my goals.
Which reminds me, here are a couple of my goals.
Weight now- 150lbs
Goal weight by end of Summer- 175
long term goal weight- 215

Bench press now- 135(2x)
end of summer goal- 175(2x)

Squat now- 145
end of summer goal- 200

05-18-2005, 08:49 PM
good luck with all your goals bro..

05-19-2005, 07:41 PM
worked my legs 2day.

Squats- 4 sets, 1- 110lbs 8 reps, 2- 115 6 reps, 3- 135 4 reps, 4- 145 2reps
burnout set- 100lbs 8 reps.
superset- Leg curls- 125lbs 10reps

Stiff-legged deadlifts- 4sets, 1- 90lbs 8reps, 2- 100lbs 6reps, 3- 105 4reps, 4- 110 2reps
burnout- 80lbs 8reps
superset- Leg curls- 100lbs 8reps

Calf raises- (not sure how the weight goes) strip set to failure- from level 5 to level 10, back down to level 5.

Abs- leg raises- 4 sets- 1- 15reps, 2- 12reps, 3- 10reps, 4- 12reps

(Im gonna add more weight next week to all excercises.)

08-28-2009, 12:26 PM
Wow, I just stumbled upon this mini-journal today and read my few posts on here. Itís funny how life goes and how things change. It looks like I only kept this thing going for a week or so, but I figue Iíll give an update now (4 years later) and try to post my lifts in here just in case someday I stumble back upon it and see how far (or not far) Iíve come.

In regards to those goals that I put down in the first or second post, I succeeded in some, and failed in others. I went away to college 3 months after I made that journal, and also got drunk for the first time. This led to the college drinking lifestyle that I couldnít help but fall into for a while (actually, weekend binge drinking was a problem for me throughout college, and Iím finally getting it under control). I also fell into some pretty poor sleep habits, which I am also finally getting under control.

The rest of that summer through the 1st semester of college I lifted pretty sparingly. By the end of my first year, I was at about 160-165lbs, which was very disappointing to me. Still, I remember weighing myself at some point during the 1st semester and only being 147lbs (at 6í3!). Instead of the freshman 15, I put on the freshman minus 5. Typical hardgainer I guess. The summer going into my 2nd year in college was the first time I saw some legitimate gains in size and strength. I mustered my way up to 172lbs and I was feeling good. However, I fell into a bit of a motivational funk that fall semester, and although I still made it to the gym (mostly for upperbody workouts), I didnít make any new gains. I picked it up a little toward the end of sophomore year and I ended sophomore year a little bigger at about 175lbs.

That summer, I was excited at the prospect of making it to 180 or more pounds and was pumped and ready to go. However, I was home and my car was constantly being used when I wanted to go to the gym, I had to babysit my younger siblings, etc. In other words, I let adistractions get the best of me. I still made it to the gym a couple times a week, but I ended up gaining nothing that summer, and looking back, I could have done better.

The next year was kind of a disaster. I got a girlfriend, a clingy one, and I was kind of on Cloud 9 for a while and was just kind of satisfied with where I was. Lifting and eating right just sort of took a backseat to everything else. Looking back, it was kind of like an internal quarter-age crisis I was having. I wanted to party, drink, and do crazy things because I started to realize that I wouldnít be in college forever. Hereís the problem: I LOST 10 POUNDS that year! I was back down to 165. I hadnít been on a scale for a while, and stepping on that scale and seeing that I was below 170 again was devastating. On top of that, my girlfriend said ďYou are the skinniest boy I have ever seen!Ē when I had my shirt off. We were eating McDonalds at 3pm at that time and it was my first meal of the day. I felt terrible for what I had done to my body and decided right then to make a change. I got back in the gym, serious about it for the first time since that summer going into my sophomore year.

I was definitely rusty at first, and it was disappointing seeing my friend, who I introduced to lifting in the first place two years back, had blown by me on every lift, and he blew by me by miles and miles. Long story short, I broke up with my girlfriend that summer (for reasons not related to lifting), and I hit the weights my senior year. I would be lying if I said I was perfect. I still experienced setbacks, but I havenít let myself come close to screwing up like I did before. I have been lifting and eating steadily since then, increasing my lifts along with my bodyweight. I am now at 195 pounds, a full 50 pounds more than I was my freshman year and almost 30 pounds more than I was towards the end of the semester junior year. Along this entire journey, I fell in love with exercise and I just got my degree in Exercise Science. I am a strength and conditioning coach part-time now, and people actually ask me for advice on training, exercise techinique, and nutrition. I have come a long way from being that scrawny kid whose nickname was ďBonesĒ in high school. I am still in the midst of my journey, and I have to say that lifting can really change your life. I love it!