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05-25-2005, 08:45 PM
OK someone answer me a question or better yet guide this young grasshopper

For a lot of years I did nothing and let myself get into pathetic shape so last october I started a cardio program and some light lifting. In january I decided to start really going for it.

Now my main goal was to lose weight (more to the point lose fat) and gain muscle. Since January I have been getting taped with no real noticable gains. I have dropped a total of 10 pounds (in 4 months that is nothing to brag about) and all I have going for me is some more noticable strength, some definition (not much) and thats about it.

I am now eating healthier then I ever have! I supplement (something I started doing when I started lifting heavy) and I workout regulary usually about 5 times a week.

What I am trying to find out is how long (knowing that everyone is different) before I start seeing something in the way of trimming and more gains? I am not going to quit just because it is not working but I want to get more out of my workouts. Obviously whatever I am doing is not working or not working as best as I think it should.

My body has a tendancy to be more of a storage tank for fat then the opposite. I can gain weight by looking at food (possibly even thinking about it) So I need something that is going to either kick my metabolism in gear or increase my muscular gains to help burn the calories my body so loves to save.

05-26-2005, 09:58 AM
well... here's my personal experience....

i started lifting when i was overweight and had some strength gains. i dunno about actual muscle gains because it was hidden under some fat... but i'm assuming not because it's not likely one would gain muscle while on a caloric deficit.

if you want to uncover your definition, you have to cut and drop the fat. what's your BF% now? i'm around 18% and have some definition but not a lot... just starting my first cut now so the definition is coming 'round.

as far as your body being a storage tank for fat... what i found was that once i started eating healthy and lifting more, my metabolism cranked up to the point where i burn a lot more than i used to. eating 6 times a day helped that as well. when i was bulking this past winter, i got up to around 3200 kcals/day comfortably... saw good gains.

just my experience... hope that helps.