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05-30-2005, 05:14 PM
Heart Please Help!
Hello an wish all well,Name - Taz, I am 63 years old 5'7" tall and now weigh 183lbs I presently hold the Florida State BENCH RECORD in the 198lb class of 370lbs set record 12/11/05 3/17/05 had a quad bypass surgey performed I am very depressed over this its like Life is over that is how much I love Power Lifting loseing 15lbs of body wight not fat but mucle which as you no take a long time to put on being told not to lift anything over 10lbs (ha) and most of all not being able to go to the House of Pain that I love is takeing a very serious toll on my life I am reminded daily that I will NEVER get back to the Bench again Yes! I did use some gear Test-Deca no orals but at my age they were used to help other things go up besides the barbell!never abused and only did about one test 250 and one deca evey two weeks for 8 weeks on 4 weeks off.I did very little cardio am most guilty of not doing streching there for I was very tight can not do any type of squating as L4-L5 ae in bd shape. Please is there someone out there that has had simular life exprence someone that can give me some hope All I hear from the doctors is LOSE WEIGHT AND WALK A LOT! They have not got clue one as to how we are about our Training Brothers plese help!
I refuse to give up! :strong: