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06-10-2005, 01:48 PM
This January I decided I'd lose some weight and get some definition... in other words I was a lazy hapless 240 6'4" lbs guy - hey Alaskan winters are tough.Three years ago I was a hapless out-of-shape 17 year old slob eating fast food 5 times a week with dangerously high cholesterol levels and I weighed almost 300 lbs!

I started working out (regularly) in the early fall, but stopped after my weight training class ended :/ - That workout was 2 times a week for 90 mintutes each day - I would do about 15 to 30 mintutes of cardio, 6 sets of bench presses (the pyramid) and most of the nautilus weight machines, next time I go I'll write down the names.

Anyway, all in all before I started doing this routene I was 270 lbs - and I dropped 20 lbs to 250 lbs in about 2 months.

Fast forward to today and I'm working out 5-6 times a week, 2 hours a day, sometimes even 2 times a day (if I'm feeling frisky.) I'm up to, currently, 45 mintutes of running on an ecliptical machine which usually nets me about 6 miles, and 15-30 mintutes of uphill low-speed walking on the treadmill (5 miles) along with all of the regular natlius weight machine sets. Typically I start with 155 lbs on most of the machines, do 8 reps, add 5 lbs, do 4 reps, add another 5lbs, 2 reps, reduce 5 lbs, do three reps, reduce 5lbs, do 4 reps (the pyramid.) I typically only do one section of my body a day, and rotate between them - monday upper body & bench press, tuesday lowerbody & concentration on cardio. On the bench I start with 60 kg (plus the 80 lbs bar) 8 reps, go up 1.25 kg 4 reps, go up 1.25 kg 2 reps, and go down 1.25 kg 2-3 reps, go down 1.25 3 reps, and go down 1.25 4-5 reps.

One day a week I only run/walk, but for at least 7 miles, and maybe I do leg exercises.

As for my diet, its been very controled lately, which is easy to do since food is fairly expensive and I live alone.

In the morning I mix 300 ml of Silk Soy Milk with 200 (about) ML of chai tea latte and add 3 scoops of whey protien (about 88 grams of protien) During the day I'll have snacks consisting of more soy milk + 2 or 3 scoops of whey protien and maybe low fat crackers or simple foods such as food/vegatables and the such. I've learned that the key to a good diet with this regimen is to keep eating as simple as possible - a good rule of thumb is to try and keep things "natural." I.E. Avoid stuff from boxes or bags, and of course check the labels.

For dinner I typically will eat a salad with chicken or some sort of redmeat with a starch such as a potatoe or frozen vegtables. When cooking I always use extra light olive oil, and I eat lots of fish whenever I can get my hands on it. (its really good up here too, especially the salmon and halibut)

A mid evening snack always consists of as many fruits as I can stomache. I find myself extremely hungry at night time. And more protien shakes here and there (maybe 2 at the most between lunch and dinner.)

I take care to avoid dairy -except for maybe dinner in the form of cheese (I'm hooked on the stuff, and I've got to give myself some sort of solace somewhere, right?) But I avoid processed cheese and try to stick only to cheedar and the like.

On my offdays, since this is summer, usually on the weekends, I'm often times found at BBQ's, and I do eat the BBQ served, and sometimes I do feel guilty- but that guilt is counterbalanced by the bloating I feel later. I try and only "splurge" once every two weeks, and once a month if I can stand it (which means eating all the refined sugar I want, all the soda I want, all the bread I want, all the ribs I want yummm...)

I've been on this diet for about 2 months, and I can't say I've lost any weight but my waist size has gone from 40 to 34. That being said since I started working out I've gone from 240 lbs in Jaunary, to 220 lbs today. My goal is a six pack in time for fall classes. Also, I'm 6'4". And my legs have definately definately shown some extreme improvement since I started running so much.

Well! I'll start posting my actual routene starting sunday - but I might be running a half marathon next saturday so it might be a lot lighter than it normally is.