View Full Version : Gmoneys Journal..Advice is welcome

06-20-2005, 03:21 PM
At this time last year, i was over 220 pounds, at 5,10. Overweight, fat, etc.
This year i took it upon my self to get into better shape, and id liek to think ive done a pretty good job. Since September, i have been avidly weight training Weekdays. For about 5-6 months i was overtraining all my muscles and saw little gain in strenght, but lost alot of weight. I am currently weighing in at 168 pounds. I am happy with my apparenace, i am just tryign to lose my gut. I still got those love handels and alot of fat above the waist that i would liek to lose.

MY weekly split is :
Monday: biceps and back
Tuesday:cardio and abs
Wensday:Chest and tri's
Thursday Cardio and abs
Friday:Legs and shoulders.
Saturday and sunday: Off.

Tommow is my cardio and ab day. Any advice to spice that up a little would be great.