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06-24-2005, 05:07 AM
Hello people.

I am 21 year old,1.70 m tall and weigh around 66-67 kg.Staring my Bsc (Sport and Ex Science) this year after finishing the compulsory army in a month. I am pretty cut around 6% - 7% ,nice abs, and good muscle with veins.

My current diet looks like

(3 Times a week 30 mins cardio in the morning(with ECA Stack+herbal diuretic), 3-4 times weight lifting afternoon)

10 am 70 gm Oats + 7 egg whites +fishoil+ flaxseed oil (If after morning cardio i skip the essential fats and add r-ALA)

13 pm Chicken Breast+ small Salad

3 .30 pm (pre workout) 70 gm Oat bran + 7 egg whites +fishoil+ flaxseed oil

Workout at 4.30 am (Weight Lifting)

5.30 pm (post workout) 70 gm Oatmeal + 7 Egg whites + r-ALA (100mg)

8.30 pm Perch (Fish one portion) + small salad

11.30 pm Chicken Breast +fish oil +flaxseed oil

1.30 am Sleep

I supplement with Multi Vitamin, Vitamin B Complex (Very strong 2000%) , Vitamin E. Dandellion root pill 3 times a day .It ;s a natural diuretic and digestive enzyme and I am never bloated because of it. My sodium is extremely low and had problems in the past. i Have just added (2 weeks ago) a Potassium Supplement Pill 4-5 times a day and damn it makes a huge difference since I lose a lot of water amount due to dandellion.(makes me sharper and fuller). (intra-cellurar water instead of skin water)

Now I dont need any comments on changing oats to something else (free to say if you want ) i really like that staff , never get bored, and it makes my digestive system extremely effective.

Now , I usually do my refeeds once a week . Usually I am not extremely tired like i used to with my diet 2-3 years ago (where my carbs were around 30-40 a day ****ed up) but i believe in Leptin Levels.

It 's being 2 months that I do my refeeds . It 's a 12 hour refeed from the time i wake up to the time i go to sleep.
My refeed is very low in protein, no fructose, , extremely low in fat and only High -GI.

In 12 hour time I eat 1 Special K package , 1 Puffed Rice (Kellogs) package , 300gm-400gm White rice (with tomatoes ,or spinach for taste and 13 gms protein from chicken), 2 jacket potatoes with corn . WELL a lot OF CARBS!!! On that day I usually take 3 r-ALA every meal .
I do a 30-40 mins All muscle workout and at the end i eat 200 gm of HIgh GI carbs (white rice) with r-ALA. My muscles get pumped like crazy , Veins all around. And Yes i am not bloated at all and I think this is due to r-ALA and due to the fact that i dont want any Fibre at all in my refeed day.

The next day I am back to the diet and that amount of water held is gone easily due to the dandellion. Note: I do not take any other supplements on refeed day.Just r-ALA.

Well give me please your comments, your advices . How many refeeds i need in a week , comment on diet. My refeeds do not occur due to tiredness , but my psychological belief in the Leptins Level. ur comments?



06-24-2005, 07:28 AM
i'm not sure why you're cutting. you're 145lbs and 7% fat. that's awesome. why dont you want to add mass?