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07-06-2005, 02:33 PM
nearly 8 months ago i made the biggest mistake ever, getting a new girlfriend lol :p, everytime i get a new one i neglect the gym like ****, n ive been about 20 times this year how bad is that. i feel like ive lost about 5 lbs of muscle or summet like that iff not more n its orrible, altho when i went to the gym last time i could still press my max's n started to get things back in order, but then i bummed out n started drinkin again without thinkin of da gym :p lol.


Age: 19 nearly 20 :-o old man
Height: 6'1
Weight: 208lbs

Job: NO AGAIN :P GRRRRRRR well have one in september but... :p

right anyway.

so im goin back to the gym tomorrow n i doubt it will be class as ****, coz ive just come off the flu n im feelin really ****e, but ill be giving it sum stick anyway, do football training 2 times a week which will rlllllly help me ere.

Next week im starting on Prop with my m8, yes im actually injecting for the first time ever, gonna run that with mabe Dbol not sure yet, still deciding.

ive been doing a bit of running these past few weeks, like 3-4 times a week mainly at night, just a 30 min jog keep me fit, but i need to shift ma bitch tits n ma newwwwwww beer belly :D oh the joy

so anyway, the diet isnt gna exactly be class, coz im skint n cant afford ****, part from getting my protein in, some mod carbs n good carbs, n good fats, :P it will just about me enough lol :P
all i gta do is limit me beer down a bit n ill be sorted lol

looks like ive sort of got a new girlfriend, she doesnt like steroids but what she doesnt know wont hurt her, n she said she wnt bother me iff i wanna goto the gym when i need to so thats class :D

there'll be plenty of effort goin on ere need, am looking to hold a bit of muscle on with the prop, got me some nice food sorted for when i start that, and got me an order of HGH coming so maybe ill drop some BF too :p

alls good

good to be back, ill do dis thing everrrrrryday :D

bu bye peeps

xx coza xx

07-06-2005, 02:35 PM
pictures of me shoulders today :P uhmmmm small as **** dont worry iff im ugly, id take some otha pics but i look dead watery :P so im gna lose it :P then take some bu byex