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07-18-2005, 08:09 PM
Hey all, I am not sure if this question is up your alley, but I wanted to post on here instead of a tri board to see what you all think.

I have been triathlon training for the last 7 months and have gone from a smoking couch potato to running sprint (1/4 mile swim, 15 mile bike, 5k run) distance races.

Anyway, I used to lift a lot years ago so I have ideas about basic routines. I have just started incorporating lifting into my program again and I wanted advice on what you think. My goals are mostly for fitness, and weight loss while still doing the tri thing since that is what has kept me motivated, more than ever just lifting or training alone.

Here is my current program
S: Long bike 25-30 miles
M: Short 30 min run with intervals, Squats, Deadlifts (3 x 8 to failure)
T:1000 meter swim, pullups (I suck at these from being 20 lbs overweight but am getting better), dips, mil press
W: Short Bike with speedwork (14 miles)
R: Long Run (50 mins) deadlifts, squats
F: Short swim (600meters) with speedwork, squats, deadlifts.
S: off

I am 29, 200lbs (and dropping) and 5'11"


Am I weight training too much given my cardio load?

It is tough to work everything in here since I have other things to do besides hanging out in the gym. My logic of days is based on trying not to use whatever muscle I lift the next day. Does this make sense?

Any other advice apprecciated. I know bench is missing, but I don't have anyone to spot me consistently and get tired of asking teenagers in the gym where I lift, also dips seem to me like a better "real world" exercise given my goal of fitness rather than gaining mass. I am open to starting benching though, I just really like doing dips more.


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Thanks Jack that article helped some. I am stilla bit unsure though of whether I am over-training since I am not just a runner and the speedwork on the bike cranks my quads pretty well (they are sore sometimes afterwards)

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Take a look at crossfit: