View Full Version : Stress on heart?

07-25-2005, 07:56 AM
Just curious....does it put any strain on the heart constantly bulking then cutting?
I know all of the eat big, die big talk....yadda yadda, but thinking about it, even if you eat clean the sudden extra weight and loss of weight cant be all that good for your health..... can it?
Im sure Im gonna be flamed for asking this question :(

07-25-2005, 08:30 AM
Well I think if you do it slowly it wont be as bad as you think. If you bulk up then just cut slowly(which I think you should since your trying to lose as little muscle as possible) then it shouldn't be so bad. But if you think about it, alot people lose weight and gain it back but don't go to the gym. I rather go up and down and have a purpose for it. Bulk to gain strength and size then cut down to get rid of some of the fat you put on while doing your bulk to be leaner. Doesn't sound to bad to me.