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07-26-2005, 06:39 PM
Im by no means a chef, but consider myself a damn good cook. This is a spinoff of a campbells recipe...

Assuming you dont know anything about cooking....

4 chicken breasts ( sliced to bite size chucnks, sq 1" or smaller)
2 cans of campbells creame of chicken
1.5 tbsp of honey
1.5 tbsp of mustard
3/4 of sliced mushrooms
1.5 cups of broccoli and colliflouer
2-3 cups(uncooked) of whole wheat pasta (I prefer the spirals)
REAL garlic crushed
oinon salt/powder

I start by preheating the LARGE frying pan/wok. While doing that, get the water boiling for the pasta. Place about 1tbsp of butter (or oil) in the pan, alone with your crushed garlic.

Before chicken is put into the frying pan make sure the pasta is in already cooking. Once pasta is going, place chicken in pan.

After the one side of the chicken is cooked, add all vegtables
(mush/broc/colli) and cook until vegatables are soft.

Stir frequently. Add the 2 cans of creame of chicken, honey, and mustard once you notice the mushrooms getting brown. Stir all ingredients over low/med heat.

Once pasta is cooked, strain, and add in the frying pan. Stir all togather and let sit for a few minutes.

This meal is absolutly delecious and extremely healthy. I have made it for all type of people, from picky jerks, to little kids, and they all have enjoyed it. Worth trying for sure.

I'll add more reicpes if this one is liked.

08-16-2005, 01:22 PM
whats Calorie/protein info?