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07-28-2005, 11:06 PM
Slowly gonna stop staying up till 2-3am doing nothing afte rwork and startputting time into eating/sleeping/workingout and home.


Wakeup at 8am do the morning stuff.

Go upstairs. Eat 2 pieces of Toast, 3 Eggs, Chicken/turkey bacon (4-5 pieces)

at about 9-10am get a big shake in (PB/Musclemilk/oliveoil/milk(water?))


protein shake

eat lunch

Can/pouch of Tuna,(mayo nonfatfree)

Sandwitch. Brown Bread, 5 slices of Turkey or chicken or both, tomato lettuce mayo. (2 sandwitches)


go to work (walking/running/rollerblade there (30min cardio)

i work partime at a grocery store, and usually they dont ave alot of stuff thats made healthy. i could pack a lunch or i did see some Frozen Dinners (hungryman, micheleans, lean cuisine) how healthy are these? Ill bring some protein mix there. work till about 9-10pm on average come home and eat dinner.

Dinner is usually Alot of East Indian foods, Roast Chicken.

on the nights i dont work i could make chicken breasts on bbq or oven.

Rice is a staple of diet. eat rice for supper probably 5-6 times a weak. along with chicken everday. and i eat some more snack b4 i go to bed.

i dont kno what to eat for snacking(bulking food) something where i dont get sick of the same snack over and over.

so i got a question

Frozen foods good or bad? (pizzapops, michelena etc) does it really matter if i eat pasta to bulk?


only 120 pounds want to bulk up to 150 or more(hopefully more) by end of year.

until its september 6th i dont wanna get a gym pass for only august so i workout on home on my bench BBells. cuz in september i gonna have access to school gym and plan on using it almost everyday.

DrinkinG: I drink on the weekends usually a 26 of hardliquor , or a 12 pack for a weekend. should i cutdown or doesnt really matter?

any suggests or anything to change. starting at 110. and at work thanks to u guys i found a whole chicken is alot of calories/protein so i added that to work

07-29-2005, 07:00 AM
Read these:



07-30-2005, 07:14 PM
Alcohol has some pretty significant effects when it comes to the body's use of nutrients and natural metabolic processes, especially protein utilization. But as long as you're not waking up all "Hey, lets get smashed and go put massive weights above our heads!" then a weekend bender should be fine.

Processed foods = bad. sugary cereals, frozen pizza, McDonald's :(
Natural foods = good. veggies, whole wheat bread, animal protein

And avoid commercial meats - half those prepackeged cold cuts are just salt and water disguised as meat. I must have ate POUNDS of sodium when I started!