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07-30-2005, 05:55 PM
I got my bmr and body composition test.
results are
age 20 height 5'7'' 210lbs
%bf: 24.5
fat body weight: 51.5lbs
lean body weight: 158.5lbs
basal metbolic rate: 2187 cal/day
total body water: 51 liters
53.4% of body weight
71% of lean weight
my recommendations is
average athletic level
current target
%bf: 24.5% 16.0%
total wight: 210lbs 188.7lbs

fat weight: 51.5lbs 30.2lbs
lean weight: 158.5lbs 158.5lbs
weight to lose: 21.3lbs
metabolic rate: 2187 cal 2187 cal
my doctor said im very heathly and that im right on the dime for beign at the right bf% i dont need to lose anything i can live heathly at my weight. he said my target is more of and athletic level such as when cutting out and he said i could maintain it pretty easy at 16% bf when i get down there.

I want to bulk and get huge what cal intake carb intake and protein intake should i be at. i dont want to get any more bf so i need to make sure it lean muscle i building and not fat.

My diet is
2000 cal 50-150 carb but useully its 75-100, protein is 250-300 in a day
i eat chicken tunafish salmon steaks turky 4 oz, yoggert, rice cakes, protien shakes, carrots, corn on the cob, eggs, salads and low carb and fat deressing.what else can i eat this is were im haveing lots of problems.
Question how should my diet be if i want to bulk such as carbs mainly.
exmple of how i eat is

4am: protein shake, 1 cup eggs
7: meat product 4oz, veggie
9: meat produck 4oz, protein shake
11:30: meat pruct 4oz, veggie
1:30: meat proudct 4oz, veggie
5: pre work out meat product veggie 1/2-1hr befor i work out.
then post work out is a protein shake.

im also on the freak of nature stacke and the protien and german certine by impact nutrition i know the certine working because my doctor said i very hydrated and my mucles are to that what the 71% of lean weight is it is of my body water wieght. i feel stronger to but i havent seen much other gains such as size wise but well see if not then yeah. but i need help.

Question are agian
1: is my diet right for bulking and what food should i eat and what should my cal,carb and protien intake be. what about my eating schueled.
3. what other things should i do recomendation.
Thanks for any post and help. Ty

07-30-2005, 06:06 PM
alot of meat what is it you actually eat?

sticky on"what a bodybuilder eats" have a look

07-30-2005, 06:48 PM
mix of turky burgers steaks tuna fish chicken 4oz 1 serving for each meal