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07-31-2005, 02:50 AM
Hello people,

I have been using a moderate/low carbohydrate diet , consististing of most of the complex carbs from breakfast cereal/wheat bran/oats (60-70grams) with 3 egg whites before exercise in the morning. Then after exercise I would go low carbohydrate using protein and veggies on every meal every 3 hours. I am pretty cut around 9-10 %.
I want to use another strategy since the above strategy i think inhibits glycogen restoration of muscle.

Note : I dont use any supplement except multiv and vitamin C and efa s

Would it be better , if, i woke up in the morning, eat some Chicken with (20-30 grams of wheat bran ( 40 grams of fiber every 100 ,i really need this since it 's like a medication to my constipation problem ,it works on me) some efas.... Then Work out.......and eat most of my carbohydrates after the exercise?...ANd would it be wise to eat Corn Flakes(clean High GI)around 50-60 carbs( or white rice) with 3-4 egg whites?.....wouldnt this replce my glycogen stores in muscle? thanks

Note: I prefer a solid food like cornflakes instead of a drink since I would be hungry and drinking does not satisfy me :) Cornflakes are high In GI , sodium is needed for electrolytes replacement also . What you think?

07-31-2005, 02:53 AM
Hey sicko

I started dieting a few years back on low carb, then gradually figured out how to integrate carbs into lifting. You can check out the link in my sig to see how I do it if you like, but yes, you need lowfat carbs with protein right after you lift.