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08-03-2005, 09:53 AM
Hi everyone. I need some advice. I do trail building and wild land firefighting during the summers, and I had to give up my diet just to do that kind of job because we live out on the worksites camping, and we are fed with little or no choice of when and what we eat. I just recently had some time to come home, and finally got back on my diet, since arizona's fire season just ended. 3 weeks into my dieting im already losing pounds, so its been great. Now, the trail crew wants me back for 16 days (4 on 3 off, 10 hour workdays, manual labor, in the middle of the hot arizona sun.) I know this song and dance, its hard work but I love it. The problem is, I'm gonna have to give up the diet AGAIN. Do you think the four days will totally screw my goals and corrupt my dieting? I really fear I will gain weight or go into starvation mode with all the heavy working and not enough eating. Anyone got some advice? Thank you all

08-03-2005, 10:01 AM
What type of food are they feeding you. It can't be that bad.

08-03-2005, 10:18 AM
Bring a backpack of food with you... I'm not totally clear on if you're trying bulk or cut

08-03-2005, 11:00 AM
The food is actually decent, but its really hard to have any idea as to how many cals I am taking in a day out there since it is just handed to us readily prepared no labels or wrappers to examine and no scales. Plus I have no clue how much cals I'm burning on the trail so I wouldnt even know where to begin finding my maintenance cals out there. By the way, I am cutting. I thought about the backpack w/ food, but again, no clue how much cals to eat a day out there so I wouldnt even know what to pack and in what amounts. I might just refuse them and stay home and stay dieting.

08-03-2005, 12:14 PM
Bring a backpack of food with you... I'm not totally clear on if you're trying bulk or cut
Get extra calories from protein shakes &/or PB if you're having trouble getting in sufficient calories. You can also try breaking the down the food you consume on fitday.com to at least get a rough estimate to go off of. Their activity calculator is a bit off , but might give you a general idea atleast. :)