View Full Version : What exactly is Dead-Stop?

Miguel Zambia
08-04-2005, 02:17 AM
What exactly is a Dead-Stop deadlift? Is it just a really pronounced pause, perhaps letting your body relax slightly once the bar's back on the floor, then resuming (as opposed, obviously, to bouncing the bar off the floor, which doesn't help increase your max single DL strength at all)?

Or is a Dead-Stop where after each & every rep, you actually let go of the bar, stand back up, then literally reset again? If so, then why even bother calling it "a set of reps?" Instead of saying, for example, "1 set of 7 Dead-Stop reps," why not just say, "7 singles"?

08-04-2005, 07:06 AM
I'm guessing you put down the weight and maybe stand-up between reps. I usually do my DL reps this way or I will stand on a plate so that I can bring the bar to floor level without actually touching the floor.

I loosely define a set as a bout with the weights, not by the time between reps within the set. I don't bother getting so detailed in my training logs, but it might not be a bad idea to note it.

To me, 7 singles would be with ample rest inbetween each one, not resetting for each rep.

08-04-2005, 07:44 AM
Dead stop simply means you aren't getting anything out of a stretch reflex. For deads it probably means a complete reset.

It has a pronounced impact on deadlifts though, or even squats. Basically, you'd do it in the rack, with the weight already resting on the pins at the bottom of the ROM. If your body doesn't perform the eccentric portion first, it will seem and be much more difficult performing the concentric portion only.

Miguel Zambia
08-04-2005, 10:28 AM
Okay, so you're both basically saying that merely "a really pronounced pause" at the bottom after each rep isn't really enough?

I understand the part about stretch reflex. The DL is completely different from SQ & BP & most everything else except back exercises & curls, because you don't do an eccentric contraction before beginning the lift -- which kills you when going for a max single (as in competition) if you train DL the same as SQ & BP.

But, I've heard that for DL, if you really want the maximum efficiency at the start of the lift, you shouldn't waste a lot of time in the bent-down position; e.g. you should not bend down to set up until you are completely committed, and even then should not spend anymore time than absolutely necessary (as few seconds as possible) once you bend down, messing around with setting your hands, etc. -- you should bend down, grab & set up as quickly as possible, and begin pulling as soon as possible. Otherwise, you start losing stretch reflex.

Of course, this only matters for singles. Multiple reps, it doesn't matter, which is why the amount I can rep is much higher as a percentage, for DL, than for SQ, BP, or other lifts with eccentric "lowering" phases.

Anyway, since if I simply take a "really long pause" at the bottom of each rep, even relaxing my body for a microsecond while still bent down & holding the bar, wouldn't I lose stretch reflex anyway, and therefore actually have a good DL rep?