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08-09-2005, 02:06 AM
ok -alot has changed from my old journal --- one main this is im actually 5'9 lol thought i was taller...but it seems not so.

im at 205lbs (its winter here)
by november i want to be about 175lbs for summer (i was 185 4 months ago and 230lbs 7 months ago - so big changed)

i now do kickboxing rather then boxing, and am trying to start up another martial arts.

Current max flat-bench is 310 lbs x 1
standing db bicep curl 60lbs for 6 each arm
squat 330-40 lbs x 8
leg press - 882lbs x 8

bout all i can think of at the moment
will put measurements up later, when i compare
i want to increase bicep size, creat a better figgure...not bulk, need to be faster for martial arts- yet i dont ever want to be "small"


08-09-2005, 06:08 AM
U are definitely the kick a$$ type, good U are continuing the martial arts and back here with this new journal.

08-10-2005, 12:55 AM
ok Diet yesterday
meal 1 : 200g oats + 3 scoops of protein
meal 2: seafood soup
meal 3: one meatball (lol i couldnt resist eating just one)
meal 4: protein shake
meal 5: chicken + vegetables

Back -
single arm dumbell rows - 1x12 30kgs, 3x10 50kgs
seated t-bar-pully rows - 1x10 40kgs, 2x10 105kgs, negatives 60kgs
chin ups - 3x 10
wide grip pull downs (behind head) 2x10 70kgs
hyper extensions - 3x15


Todays diet so far
Meal 1: apple, bannana
meal 2: chicken + green beans, broccoli carrots
meal 3:a pear
meal 4:chicken + green beans, broccoli,carrots
-- (will edit this when finished gym and food)