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08-09-2005, 12:51 PM
Hi. This will be the place where I put all of my diet and workout info, obviously. I'm trying to gain weight and it's not working out so well. I put on 4 lbs in the past few weeks and then today I weighed myself and I had lost 2 lbs. It's nuts. I'm sick of it. So, I figured I would start this journal and possibly get some great hints and tips from you guys along the way.

Each day I will edit as the day goes along. Meaning, if you see that I have only had breakfast so far, I'm probably not done with the day and will edit it as the day goes by. I figure this will be just as good as me writing it all down in a journal.

Feel free to yell at me, tell me I'm stupid, or confess your extreme lust for me. All is welcome.

08-09-2005, 01:07 PM

Welcome, good luck, and stick around.

How many calories are you taking in? What do you weigh? Lifting Routine?


08-09-2005, 01:16 PM
Tuesday - August 9th 2005:

Workout routine - Legs:
Plate Loaded Leg Press: 180x14, 330x8, 335x8
Hack Squats: 150x8, 160x8, 160x8
Seated Leg Curls: 105x14, 142.5x8, 142.5x8
Straight legged Deadlifts: 130x8, 135x8
Standing Calve Raises: 162.5x10 x 4

Meal 1 (10:00 AM): Smart Gainer (656 Calories, 51g Protein, 88g Carb, 7g Sugar)
Meal 2 (2:00 PM): 1 1/2 Tuna wraps (545 Calories, 25g Protein, 45 Carb)
Meal 3 (4:30 PM): Smart Gainer (656 Calories, 51g Protein, 88g Carb, 7g Sugar)
Meal 4 (8:00 PM): Boston Market - Meatloaf, mashed potatoe's, mac & cheese (1020 Calories, 49 Protein, 87 Carbs, 8g Sugar)
Meal 5 (11:40 PM): Smart Gainer (656 Calories, 51g Protein, 88g Carb, 7g Sugar)

Total Calories: 3533
Protein: 227g
Carbs: 396g

Today was kind of a bad diet day... I didn't eat as much as usual. I usually get in a lot of natural PB and some other things...

08-09-2005, 01:22 PM

Welcome, good luck, and stick around.

How many calories are you taking in? What do you weigh? Lifting Routine?

Hi! Thanks!

Right now I'm doing the WBB #1 with a few minor switch ups. For instance, I'm doing Plate Loaded Leg presses instead of squats. This is due to my shoulder popping out of socket if I do squats with heavy weight. The angle at which my arms bends in order to balance the bar and the extra weight around the shoulder area makes it come lose.

I'm taking in about 3,000 to 3,500 a day in calories. 2x my body weight in protein. I've cut back a lot on sugar. Most of my sugar intake comes from normal food. So I probably on take in about 20g a day.

After my routine today, I weighed in at 159.5 lbs. Last week I weighed in at 162.5 lbs...

08-09-2005, 02:05 PM
I doubt there's any muscle loss from a loss of only 2 pounds, so don't worry. And besides, it's summertime, it's bound to happen. Just pound down the calories like there is no tommorow, don't be afraid of making your own weight gain shakes, and also don't be paranoid about a small amount of junk food, unless of course it makes you ill or something.

Many people here will tell you to moniter your calories more closely than just 3000 to 3500. It may take you 3600 calories a day for a week to gain, who knows. Just remeber that gaining muscle is simply about getting enough calories, protein, and good fats. It doesn't matter where these things come from, but you obviously want to eat healthier food as well. Try the site below.


08-09-2005, 02:30 PM
Thanks for the input!
I'm trying to monitor my calories as closely as possible. There are just some days where I'm so full I can't put in another 500 calories to hit 3500 or so... I'm trying though. Eating as much as I can and trying to eat more on top of that. I'm trying to eat heathier foods to bulk on since I'm not doing cardio. Trying to limit the cholesterol intake because my fathers side of the family all has heart issues. I have heart palpitations, but nothing serious. I'm just trying to be careful. My weight gainer shakes consist of 160mg of cholesterol and I take those 3 times a day, so on the other foods I do take in, I try to make them high in good fats and calories, but limit the cholesterol. That's proving to be a tough task!

08-10-2005, 08:27 AM
Today I will be working out at night with my sister. Doing chest and back.

Meal 1 (10:30 AM): Smart Gainer (656 Cal, 51 Pro, 88 Carb, 7 Sugar)
Meal 2 (1:00 PM): Arby's Beef 'n Cheddar and Curly Fries (850 Cal, 27 Pro, 91 Carb)
Meal 3 (4:00 PM): Snack - 2 Tbsp Natural PB (210 Cal, 8 Pro, 6 Carb)
Meal 4 (5:00 PM): Smart Gainer (656 cal, 51 Pro, 88 carb, 7 Sugar)
Meal 5 (11:30 PM): 5 tbsp of natural PB and 2 cups of Milk (675 cal, 28 pro, ? Carb)

Calories: 3047
Protein: 165
Carbs: ~275

Yeah, do you see that last meal? Freakin' ridiculous, I know... Things got hectic last night and I wasn't able to sit down until 11:00. I didn't have any food at home except for milk and PB. I went to bed about an hour after that.

My sister canceled on my last night, so we didn't end up working out.

08-11-2005, 03:40 PM
Was supposed to workout with my sister tonight, but she canceled again. I'm going to the gym tonight to do chest and back by myself. Maybe someone can spot me. It's funny at my gym once you start looking around for a spot, nobody will look you in the eyes... haha. I'll post my numbers when I get home tonight or maybe even tomorrow morning. I forgot my shaker this morning while in a mad rush to get out the door since I overslept. Luckily I had a couple of protein bars at work to munch on. So, that threw my diet off a bit today. So, 2 bad days in a row...

Meal 1: Met RX Protein Bar (320 Cals, 32 Pro, 32 Carb, 2g Sugar)
Meal 2: Wendy's Cheese burger and baked potatoe (820 cal, 37 Pro, 100 Carb)
Meal 3: Smart Gainer (656 cals, 51 Pro, 88 Carb, 7 Sugar)
Meal 4: Chili's Chicken Fajita's! (1300 Cal, 82 Pro, 176 Carb)
Meal 5: Smart Gainer (656 cals, 51 Pro, 88 Carb, 7 Sugar)

Calories: 3752
Protein: 253
Carbs: 484

I just did chest today. I'm going to do back tomorrow.

Bench Press: 135x14, 165x7, 165x6
Incline DB Press: 55x8, 55x7, 55x6 (55 x 2, of course)
Dips: Me x 8, Me x 8, Me x 8

08-12-2005, 12:42 PM
Chin-Ups: Me x 10, Me x 9, Me x 8
Deadlifts: 95x8, 110x8, 115x8
Bent over Rows: 95x8, 105x8, 110x8
Shrugs: 140x10, 160x10
Decline Reverse Crunches: 16 reps, 4 sets.

Meal 1: Smart Gainer (656 Cals, 51 Pro, 88 Carb, 7 Sug)
Meal 2: 11" Tuna Sub (545 Calories, 25g Protein, 45 Carb)

08-14-2005, 02:21 PM
I've been getting slightly annoyed lately because it still seems that the weight I am gaining is going straight to my stomach. My stomach looks pudgier and pudgier every week. While I have noticed small gains in my chest and very SMALL gains in my arms, my stomach just looks awful. The more I eat, the more it's getting fat. I'm not sure what to do with that...

Smith Press: 50x16, 100x7, 100x7
Seated DB Press: 40x7, 40x8, 40x8
Lateral Raises: 25x9, 25x9
Tricep Pressdowns: 70x16, 115x12, 125x10, 125x10
French Press (straight bar): 65x5, 55x8, 55x8 (My form seems a lot better with the EZ Bar)
Barbell Curls: 65x12, 80x8, 80x7
Hammer Curls: 30x9, 30x7

08-14-2005, 02:34 PM
You can either bulk or you can cut, you can't do both.

So when you get done bulking, then go into your cut and lose your stomach and then you'll be surprised how much mass you put on.

08-14-2005, 02:50 PM
Yeah, I understand that bulking is going to put on some fat, etc... I've just seen a lot of people (on here and people I know) that can bulk and it seems like they barely put any pudge on their stomach and they still maintain their abs the entire time. I understand it's genetics, but it's just annoying right now to me because I'm wishing all that weight would go to my arms, chest, back and legs instead of my stomach! :)