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08-21-2005, 04:36 AM
Guess who's back?... Again!!!

What up people?

Its been a funny year so far, did my first cycle starting in feb. Enjoyed being on, hated coming off! Made me re-evaluate my training goals/ambitions.

About a month ago i decided to get back into sprinting, bodybuilding just wasnt cutting it in terms of self-fulfillment, want the satisfaction of winning races again :) but also having a decent physique.

I currently weigh in at 215lbs (6'2) @ 10-11% body fat (not exactly sure, but will post up some pics to give a better idea) 22yrs old, my goal is to get down to 195, somewhere around Asafa Powell level (current 100m world record holder) im thinking that would mean getting to 6-7% body fat

My motivation is high for the training, but the dieting sucks, so i decided to start a journal to keep myself on track and to stick with the plan.

So I'll write my daily diet, any training that i do, hopefully i can get some decent feedback and help me achieve my goals :)

Im thinking on the lines of 8wks to get down to the level i need, but we'll see how it goes.



08-21-2005, 06:16 AM
Intense goal bro, hope to see you accomplish it. Funny, I want to get to where you're at and you want to get to where I'm at. The world's a ****ing comic.

08-21-2005, 11:49 AM
The dieting seems to be quite challenging, I'm sure U will be able to pull it off in a reasonable amount of time...great U are getting back into the sprinting - your competitors will not be too pleased about it though, lol. Best of luck!!

08-21-2005, 01:27 PM
[/B]MM Ain't that the truth, always wanting what someone else has got, i wonder what Ronnie Coleman wants?! (smaller waist?!)

Cocoa my man, how are you? u still tearing up the weights? gotta pay respect to you fella, u always gave me support in my older journals.

Well i suppose im 4 weeks into a 12wk diet, so 8 to go. Im definately tightening up.

My measurements are as follows:
Chest: 43"
Waist: 34"
Quads: 27"
Calves: 17"
Arms: 15"

Im aiming to get the waist down to 32", im not sure how achieveable this will be as my abs and lower back are pretty damn thick from the deadlifts ive always based my routines on.

[I]Diet: 21/8/05)[I][B]

Meal 1:
Tuna & Green beans
Grapefruit juice

Meal 2:
Chicken breast & green beans
2 x tbls olive oil

Meal 3:
Chicken breast, salad + 1tbls olive oil + Fish oil

Meal 4:

Meal 5:
Tuna & Black eye beans

Meal 6 (not eaten but will be)...

This comes to 2450cals, all chicken, tuna, oats etc... are measured out, but didnt want to write out in that finer detail!

Start on clen tommorow :D

Ain't nothing to it, but to do it!!!!

08-22-2005, 10:52 AM
Update: 22/8/05

Today was workout A, i have 2 workouts A & B, its real simple to follow. The workouts usually come after sprints but im deloading this week, so just strength work + Cardio :)

(Sets displayed are worksets only, theres usually 2/5 warm-ups depending on the exercise. All reps are done in an explosive positive phase, then lowered in a true 4-5secs negative, think DC training)

Flat BB Bench:
LT 200 x 3,3
TT 200 x 5, 3

Walking Lunges:
LT: 53lbs (each hand) x 10, 10
TT: 57lbs x 10, 10

Military BB Press:
LT: 132lbs x 5, 5
TT 137.5lbs x 3, 2

LT (havent done them for 6+ months!!!)
TT: BW x 3 (x3)

LT: 385lbs x 5, 5
TT: 400lbs x 5,5

(LT = Last time TT = This time (pretty self explanatory, but ill post it anyway :)))

Workout went really well, im still increasing my weight, well into my diet. Which is a very good sign, hopefully the impact on my power to weight ratio should increase nicely :)

Chins were not bad considering i havent done them in over 6 months, deadlifts only have been my bestest friend :)

08-22-2005, 02:43 PM
Looking strong Ron. 400x5 on deads is great.

Good luck.

08-22-2005, 04:56 PM

Meal 1:
40grms protein powder (choc)
2x tblsn olive oil

Meal 2/3: Chicken, black eyed beans, green beans

Apple, oatmeal

Meal 4: PWO 40g pro, 80g dextrose

Meal 5: Chicken, Green Beans, nattyPB

Meal 6: Tuna, black eyed beans, olive oil

Total: 2,500

Diet was good today, timing was near perfect for all meals. Feeling recharged already after taking some time out from the sprints (really beats my body up)

Its weird how the mind works, when i was shooting for as much mass as posible i always felt small even up at 250lbs! now im down to 215lbs i feel big! i even get alot more comments about my size at this weight. Really messes with my head! meh!!!

08-22-2005, 04:59 PM
oh a journal! i thought you might have needed some :spam: ;)

08-23-2005, 05:08 AM
Ain't nothing to it, but to do it!!

U got it bro...and I want to see U with it, so don't quit it - ;) ...Off to a great start in here.

08-23-2005, 04:54 PM
getfit: pleasure to have u gracing my jorual :D

cocoa: Damn straight bro, ive always stayed dedicated and consistant with my training diet, its just holding down a journal, at the moment i dont have a reason not to update and to be honest i think it will be good for motivation :)

First off we got a name change to Big-Andy, my name is actually Andrew (Andy) so i think it would be more fitting, as opposed to Ron :D

Today i did 35mins of continuous cardio, ive got some bad shin splints and need to take it easy on the running side for a week or two (my body isnt used to running at this weight)

meal 1:
Tuna & green beans
Grapefruit juice

meal 2:
pumpkin seeds

meal 3:
2 scoop whey
1tbslp olive oil

Meal4 :
black eyed beans

Meal 5:
black eyed beans

Meal 6:
Chicken & green beans
Natty PB

diet was down tight today, drank 4litres of pepsi max to compensate for the blandness of the food! no headaches on the clen so far.

Im really determined to get down to 6% body fat, at the moment i dont want to give up my cheat day! its been so hard working my way down from 5000cals a day all the way to my current 2300-2500, u get so used to the high intake that anything less is just pure hell!

08-23-2005, 04:57 PM
Deads = nice.

08-24-2005, 06:58 AM
Mmmmm clen.

08-24-2005, 04:58 PM
mmm clen indeed :) ive always used ephedra in the past and did buy 500 ready for the cut, but i started and felt like crap (apart from the intial high) so ive dropped that and gone on clen, headaches are never a problem, dont feel any different (maybe sweat a lil more)

Today was a mixture had 1hr30 of soccer practice (thought it would be a good inclusion for fat burning. and some bodyweight exercises which were

Chins: 3 x 5reps
Press-ups: 3 x 15 reps

Diet was spot on again :)

Meal 1:
Apple & grapefruit juice

Meal 2:

Meal 3:
1tbs olive oil

Meal 4:
2 scoops Whey
1 tbs olive oil

Meal 5:
Black eyed beans & green beans

Meal 6:
green beans

Meal 7:
natty pb

Ive got the ball rolling quickly at the moment, im going to see how long i can go without a cheat meal/refeed. ive been doing it once per 5-7 days, but maybe shoot for 13-15days, depending on how i feel.

Tommorow is squats, sldl's oh and a deep tissue massage cant wait :D

08-24-2005, 05:06 PM
I want a ****ing massage. :mad:

From a blonde Norwegian girl. :)

08-24-2005, 05:32 PM
Badass Deadlifts man.. I can't wait until I hit 400!!

08-25-2005, 03:38 PM
MM: massage was incredible, i had so many knots in my big ass calves it wasnt funny... at all!!!

T-Bird: Deadlifts have always come naturally to me, i just wish my bench would take a turn in the right direction!

I was real sore today from yesterdays training, ahead of me was sprints and a leg workout... nice :)

12metres x 4
22metres x 4
32 metres x 3

Im using increments in metres to provide progression in the sprints, never tried it before but im hoping it will have decent results


SLDL's: 245lbs x 5 (x2)

Squats: 286 x 5 (x2) PR

Abs: 3 x 25 hanging leg raises

Well hit a PR in the squats, my legs have always been big since i was 16yrs+ ive never had to train them and they were still impressive, in fact when on cycle my quads swelled up to 32inches and i didnt train them, yet i still had cuts all over :) Since ive gone in the athletic direction im starting to train them again and well the numbers are flying up, hoping to have 400lbs on the bar by december :)

Sprints went very well, can feel the explosiveness coming back into my step, especially in accels.


meal 1:
Grapefruit juice

PWO 1:
Whey and dextrose

Whey, dextrose and oats

Meal 4:
Tuna, green beans, oilive oil (1tbs)

Meal 5:
Chicken, green beans
1tbs oilive oil

Meal 6:
2 sccop whey protein

Diet was seriously tight today, im so desparate to get to this 6% mark its crazy. The bad thing is that i feel fatter nearly everyday, damn pyschological effects of dieting :(

08-26-2005, 04:40 AM
The sprints must have always helped you with those big quads...we should all be so lucky to pass the 30 inch+ mark without much fuss like you did. Props on the squats pr.

08-27-2005, 01:25 PM
...coming back to WBB has had a crazy impact on me, seeing the energy in the forums and some of the physiques 'cough' chase 'cough', really tempting me back to the game, im in 2 minds again :angel:

Yesterday was cardio 35mins of intervals (running/walking) went really well. The fat feels like its flying off me, i weighed myself earlier than i usually would (sat instead of Tue) and ive actually gained weight im up to 217lbs! but im looking leaner by the day. Im not complaining, becuase im also getting faster :)

Diet was tight again, same as thursday's diet with the expception of post workout being replaced with a protein shake (2 scoops) and 2tbs olive oil.

I'll post todays diet in a bit as im at work.

The saga continues...

08-30-2005, 01:27 AM
Nice squatting andy. I remember reading that you tore something in your forearm whilst deadlifting at the end of your last cycle. Has it fully healed yet?
Best of luck getting to 6%

09-21-2005, 08:05 AM
Nice squatting andy. I remember reading that you tore something in your forearm whilst deadlifting at the end of your last cycle. Has it fully healed yet?
Best of luck getting to 6%

Me and journals dont really get along! i keep a logbook at home and its seems as though i cant do the 2 of them so the WBB one suffers (logbooks done so i can show my grandchildren! lol)

My forearm is healed, that was the most gutting feeling in the world, having gained a ton of muscle and week before pct tearing my brachialis, but there ya go, life for you.

What made it worse was after it had healed i was getting it on with a girl i was ****ing with and screwed my wrist up (too adventerous as per usual :D) all in all it compounded me returning to my pre-cycle size strength.

Right now im sitting at 8% body fat and dont want to go lower im hanging at slighty above maintenance food wise. the diet was really kicking my ass, but i did a good job and im looking real lean (crappy phone pic attached!)

My training is back in full swing and im going to look to add more size to my upper body autumn and winter, not sure if i'll kick up a new journal, maybe :)

09-21-2005, 09:02 AM
I can tell you're lean from your abdomen, but the camera phone really washes out the rest. Overall though, looking good.

09-22-2005, 08:39 AM
Hey Andy, good to have ya back mate!!

09-22-2005, 10:44 AM
Lookin sharp from what I can see in that small pic, lol...as long as you are working out is all that matters bro - ;)

09-23-2005, 12:14 PM

Workout C (Back and Biceps + Abs)

Rack Chins: LT = BW+2kg x 6, 6
[TT= BW+2kg x 8, 8

PR on the rack deads, have only been doing them 2wks after a 6-7month hiatus from them. They work your lats like crazy! rear delts get a fair share aswell :)

DB Rows: LT = 24kg x 10/10, 10/10 (i.e. 10 reps each arm for 2 sets:
TT = 28kg x 8/8, 8/8

Another PR, DB Rows is another exercise i havent performed in many months, so just getting the groove back. Im sure i could of gotten many more reps, but im aiming for 6-8 reps thus next time i'll add more weight and then again and again lol till im Ronnie Coleman :)

Alt DB Curl: LT = 18kg x 14
TT = 18kg x 18

Nice 4 rep improvement, in the past ive always rest paused db curls, but now i'll straight set until it gets difficult to add reps or weight then introduce rest pause (probs towards end of this blast)

Rack Deadlifts: LT = 100kg x 10, 10
TT = 110kg x 8, 8

It was only a month ago i was doing the rack deads with 200kg in strict form, but with straps. Ive decided to ditch the straps. As my grip is terrible. Hopefully these numbers will climb quickly along with my 4arms growing quickly

Thats it, finished off with lots of stretching, extreme hanging stretch with 45kg around my waist (60secs) and door knob stretches. The did 3 sets of 20 on the hanging leg raises.

I have a long way to go, but rome wasn't built in a day :)