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08-21-2005, 08:46 AM
I don't know if anyone else cares but I figure this is what this particular forum is for. So here goes.

Height: 180cm
Age 26

I only have the most recent information on me so here are the changes for the past month or so:

2005.07.17 2005.08.21
Weight 87.5kg 83kg
Muscle Weight 70.6kg 69.7kg
Water 51.6L 50.9L
Bone Mass: 3.8kg 3.8kg
Body Fat Weight 13.1kg 9.5kg
Body Fat% 15% 11.4%
BMI 27.0 25.6
Calories/day 3002 2899

Despite eating mostly protein [fish, tofu and chicken] and drinking a protein supplement 2-3 times a day I still lost some muscle mass. But I feel it is acceptable compared to the fat loss. The chart on this printout I have shows I have 120% of the typical muscle weight for someone my height, but I certainly don't have 120% of the power. Anyway I feel I was not drinking enough water and possibly because of that I was not able to regain enough muscle, so as of today I am drinking more water and oolong tea.

The trainer at the gym told me many people who exercise regularly are around 15% body fat so I feel I am finally making progress. This came from a guy who slimmed down to 4.3% body fat for a competition. My goal is not so much to lose weight but to reduce body fat to 7-8% so water weight gain is acceptable. Hopefully I can achieve that in another month. I want to see a six pack, right now I got a keg with a faint line partway down the center.

One question if someone is still reading, I do a lot of cross trainer so my legs are pretty lean. Despite moving my arms as much as the machine requires in the cross trainer, I am having a much harder time losing fat from my arms and upper body, I have twice as much fat on my arms as on my legs. This makes my appearance unbalanced I suppose. Any suggestions? Thank you.

08-21-2005, 10:04 AM
the only way you can cut the fat is by loosing body fat overall. you cant pick and choose were to loose fat from unfortunatly. you may just loose fat from you legs first as i tend to loose it from my arms and shoulders first. so i guess im saying it should come with more bodyfat loss. also how did you get all the info you have uptop did they do it at your gym???

08-21-2005, 10:05 AM
good progress so far on the bodyfat loss by the way

08-21-2005, 05:57 PM
All the information above came from a printout I get every month or so from my gym. They have a machine called "BOCA".

09-18-2005, 08:56 AM
OK, if anyone reads this here are this month's results. I was trying to cut but not so hard as I had been because I read here that I needed more fat so I've been eating more peanut butter. The improvement is not so impressive but it is an improvement. So here goes.

2005.08.21 to 2005.09.18
Weight: 83kg-81.8kg
LBM 69.7-69.9kg
Water 50.9liters-51.1 liters [I should drink even more I know]
Bone mass 3.8kg-3.8kg [no change]
Body fat weight 9.5kg-8.1kg
Body fat %11.4%-9.9% [I'm so happy I'm finally under 10%]
BMI 25.6-25.3
And lastly there are 2 numbers, I assume one of them is my maintenance and the other is maintenance on a lifting day [though who knows what type of lifting day the machine assumes is average]. These numbers are 1916 calories and 2874 calories.

I am pondering whether to begin bulking or continue cutting. I am tired of a cutting diet and minimal to no strength gains. So today I went out and got a bunch of bodybuilder foods, which are not cheap in Japan. Wheat bran, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, red beans, black beans, whole wheat bread and natural peanut butter [100% nuts]. I love sweet potatoes and they are on the "what a bodybuilder eats" list so I'm glad it's ok. I already eat lots of fish and tofu. Also I'm cutting out the simple carbs except for post workout.

With stats like this, should I bulk or cut? I'm almost at a six-pack so I am contemplating one more month or so of cutting, but I want to eat these foods I got. Plus I've lost 24kg in 8 months and I'm worried I have a loose skin problem around my gut, which can only be solved by bulking into my loose skin, right? I think I can still eat these foods and cut, especially if I lose the simple carbs. I read the post workout meal thread and I think that'll help me a lot. What do you think? Thanks for reading.