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big ol' boy
08-25-2005, 10:25 PM
Hey yall. I'm new to the website. I'm not new to lifting, just new to the sight so only a partial noob here. I live in a small town in the middle of Texas. I've lived here my entire life and will live here till I die. I've lifted in school since the 6th grade. We had a badass football coach for about 3 years who new a lot about weightlifting. Nobody has perfect form but mine is pretty good. I haven't made hardly any posts on here even though I've been a member for a little over a month now. Within about 5 minutes of looking at posts I quickly realized that most of you don't like to be bothered with stupid repeat questions. So I decided to try and read all the threads that were already on here before I asked a question or made a reply. That would be a little easier if 2 new threads wouldn't pop up by the time I was through reading 1. Anyway, enough bitchin.

(These are all cold and not flexing except for bicep and I locked my knee for the thighs)

Neck: 19"
Chest: 45 5/8"
R. Bicep: 17 1/8"
L.Bicep: 17 1/8"
Waist(just below belly button to get the handles): 46 1/2" (pant size 38)
R. Thigh: 28 1/4"
L. Thigh: 28 1/8"
R. Calf: 17"
L. Calf: 17 1/2"

Ht. 6'2" Wt. 275 lbs. Age 20

I don't know my BF%. We're poor rednecks around here. The only body fat percentages we know are skinny, big, fat, and DAMN!!!!! Anyways, I plan on having it checked sometime when I can get the money to get a full physical done up.

My diet is not completly in check just yet. I'm gettin better. I've cut out fried foods, and I eat 4 meals a day. I'm not sure exactly how many grams of protein, carbs, or fats I'm gettin. I'm still tryin to find a way to do that without payin for it.

I've looked over the WWB workouts and I've started doing #3. I switched it up a little to incorporate the epuipment I have. But so far I'm pleased with it. I don't have access to a gym right now. This is a small town of 452 people. The nearest gym is about an hour drive away. I was using the school's until some asswipe stole some stuff outta there and now the superintendant won't let us in anymore. The coach likes me so he told me he'll let it cool down and talk to the super. for me and see about gettin me a key. So maybe I'll get to do more later.

Please tell me what you think guys and since you will all give them anyway, all suggestions are welcomed.

08-26-2005, 06:34 AM
Good luck with your progress big ol' boy. You'll get there!

big ol' boy
08-26-2005, 09:18 PM
I just started my fitday today. By the looks of it I got a lot of work to do on my diet. I'm gonna try and see what I can do tomorrow to fix it. I've got a lot of muscle on me right now. If the fat would get outta the way I could prove it. Today's meals were a lot better than they used to be. I've cleaned up my diet a lot. I'm still doin research and tryin to find some better combo's of foods for my meals. My biggest problem that I know of is I'm not gettin near enough protein. Hell it wasn't even 1g/1lb. I did my best for today. I was training for my new job and I didn't get to eat my meals like I wanted to. I left my lunch in the truck and since it's 105 ****ing degrees outside with 25-35% humidity.....it ruined. I only got 30 mins. for lunch so all I had time for was to run across the street to a sandwich shop. I shouldn't be makin excuses. Just shut up and do what I gotta do. Once I get my camera fixed I'll get some pics up.

Thanx guys and again....all suggestions are welcome.

08-27-2005, 10:58 AM
Bodyfat calipers at bodybuilding.com for 13 bucks..they ship fast..

Do not visit their forums--you'll only find heartache and misinformation.

Cheap, high protein foods...cottage cheese (2% is best for dieting), pre-made turkey burgers, whey powder, boneless/skinless chicken breasts.

Right now, I mix 1 cup of 2% cottage cheese (24g protein) with 2 scoops of vanilla whey (40g protein), and make imitation tapioca pudding out of it. Toss in half a pack of raisins, and you're set! Lots of protein, and a tiny amount to have to eat.

big ol' boy
08-27-2005, 01:45 PM
thanks man. that actually doesn't sound that bad. I did better today. I got more protein for breakfast this morning. I'll look into the calipers later. Thanks for the replies.

big ol' boy
09-07-2005, 11:11 PM
Well there has been some progress. I've dropped 2.5 lbs and I'm really liking WWB3. I workout at home now and it really fits with the equipment I have. I had to make a few adjustments but it had the least amount of adjustments to make over #1 and #2. I can't find my measuring tape to see if i've lost any inches yet but I think its too soon to be thinking about that. I just started taking protein powder. I realized I was gonna have to to get enough protein in my diet. My diet is still not completely in check but i'm working on it. My internet has been messing up and I usually have enough time to get on here and check some of the new posts on the bodybuilding forum before it messes up so I haven't kept up my fitday as of late. It's getting better so maybe I can keep my journal up a little better. Haven't got a chance to try the homemade tapioca yet but i'm gonna give it a shot as soon as possible. If your reading this....thanks for showing some interest.

big ol' boy
09-14-2005, 11:25 PM
I've just finished up my 2nd week of WWB#3. I love this ****. It's working a lot better than the routine I had before. My diet is getting closer and closer to being under wraps. I'm about to solve my problem of not being able to do squats since I can't get into the school's weight room anymore. I've rearranged **** and set up my bench and I'm gonna take all the measurements this weekend and me, my dad and my brother are gonna build a squat cage for my house. Family projects ****in kick A$$. If I don't get it done before next week then I'll continue doing what I've been doing. I've been power cleaning weight up and doing front squats then setting the weight back down. It ain't even near the same thing but I got to do somthing instead of nothing. At least it's something to keep the muscles going till I can get back to the real deal.

big ol' boy
09-22-2005, 09:33 PM
just finished my 4th week. My diet is coming along better and better. I haven't kept it up on fitday very good at all. But by reading posts on here I kinda got a good idea about what I'm taking in now. This sunday will be a month. I'm gonna take new measurements and everything like that to see how I've improved.

big ol' boy
09-25-2005, 09:41 PM
SUNDAY-SUNDAY-SUNDAY.....been one full month since I started my journal. I've been doing WBB3 for the past month and my diet is getting a lot better. I'm using protein supplements and meal replacement drinks to get all my meals in and up my protein. I'm still tryin to figure out how to get in 400 grams of protein without eatin 5000 cals a day to get there. I'm trying to cut right now and so I can't exactly eat that much and expect to lose fat. I've always been big. I'm one of those cornfed **ckers that put the truth to that saying "things are always bigger in Texas". Hell I was a good 5 inches taller than everyone in my school. Which doesn't say much since there was only 212 students from Pre-K through 12th grade in my school. So it wasn't that hard to outsize people. I've been big and kinda fat my whole life so I figure its time to cut now.

My diets coming along. It hasn't been good the past couple of days. I been sick the past few days and couldn't keep anything down. Feeling better today and actually ate some food. I've seen good strength gains and slight size in the past month. New measurements are as follows.

Neck- 17 1/8"
Chest-45 1/8"
R. Bi.-17 3/8"
L. Bi.-17 3/8"
Waist(Just below the belly buttun to get the lovees in there)-45 7/8"
R. Thigh-28 11/16"
L. Thigh-28 3/4"
R. Calf-17 1/4"
L. Calf-17 1/4"

6'2", 274 lbs, Still 20

Haven't really lost weight but I have lost inches in the places that matter and gained inches in the places that matter. Please post and suggestions or criticisms.

big ol' boy
10-02-2005, 11:25 PM
Just got done with day 1 of the week. I had to skip day 2 last week cause I strained a muscle in my trap/neck. It sucked. I had to miss work and everything. My dad called me a lil puss and laughed at me. I used to tell him to come lift with me if he was gonna be like that but he always kicked my ass. He doesn't work out and he's strong as hell. Stoutest ****er I know too. Then my brother lifted with me on Thursday. That was a blast. It was just like old times. Lifting is about the only thing I'm better than him at. But it doesn't say much because I weigh about 100 lbs more than he does, and I'm about 4 inches taller than him. It's fun when the little brother is bigger than the big brother. Doesn't matter cause he could kick my ass anytime he wanted to. He's a marine right now and he's about to switch to the army and go into special forces. The guys told him he'd easily pass the training.

Anyways, my deadlift went up. I currently don't know what my max is for it because I don't have enough weights. I'm saving money and hopefully this weekend I can get some more. Plus my form isn't crisp yet and I'm not maxing till it is. I did that in high school and pulled a muscle in my lower back. **** doing that again. What good is it to get 15-20 lbs more on your max if you screw up your back and gotta sit out for a couple of weeks. Everything else went smooth though.

big ol' boy
10-04-2005, 08:18 AM
I just ordered some Nitrean and Creatine 500 from atlargenutrition.com. It's about the same price as what I've been buying and the shipping and handling is about the same as the price of the amount of gas it takes me to get there to get the other or less. I read a lot of the info. on the site and from the research and the testimonials there and here at wannabebig it sounds a lot better too. I'm hoping it is all the hype that everyone made it out to be. Nothing else new yet.

big ol' boy
10-04-2005, 10:15 PM
Did day 3 today. everything felt good. I ain't able to do leg extensions so I replaced them today with SLDLs and I ****in love that. I always used to do them, but I forgot how good they feel. I finally got enough protein today kinda. I know I need more but the cals were over 5000. I kow what I ate wasn't the most healthy but today was rough and I didn't get to eat my meals like I wanted to. Yeah I know there are no good excuses.

big ol' boy
11-20-2005, 11:02 PM
Alright, I haven't added to this journal for over a month. I'm gonna seriously try and keep this thing up from here on out. I've reworked my routine. Switched to a full body workout 4 day heavy/light split. Going heavy Sunday and Monday. Rest Tuesday and do the same workouts Wednesday and Thursday as before but go light on them. I remembered that this was how my high school football coach set up our lifting routines and decided to give it a shot again since I made mad progress with it then. So here's my lifts for today


Working Set-225x6 check
-245x6 check
-275x6 check

Working Set-185x6 check
-205x6 no check I only got 5
-195x6 check

Working Set-175x6 check
-195x6 check
-225x6 check

Working Set-85x6 check
-95x6 check
-115x6 check

I really like this new setup better than my old routine. Once I get a camera I'll get some pics up in here. I ain't nothing impressive so please feel free to point and laugh and make some funny jokes because it ain't nothing new.

big ol' boy
11-22-2005, 10:34 PM
Alright, I had to skip Monday. Not really completely by choice. I was exhausted from the training for my new job. When I came in I fell asleep in the recliner and didn't wake up until 5 am Tuesday Morning. So I did my Monday lift on Tuesday. I'm debating on whether or not to go ahead and do my light day tomorrow or wait until Thursday to do it. Then do my second light day Friday. I got 4 cousins on the Gustine High School basketball team that has a shot at going far this year and I really don't want to miss any of their games. So I really don't want to lift Friday. Anyway, we'll let Future Scott deal with that problem. He'll know exactly what to do. Here's today's workout.

Warmup-135x6 check
Working Set-185x6 check
-205x6 check
-225x6 check
I know it's not real high numbers. I was doing more, but last week when my brother was working out with me I got him to see if I was going low enough. He said I need to go lower so I dropped the weight to keep stricter form. Maybe the numbers will go up soon.

Incline DB Press
Warmup-50x6 check
Working Set-70x6 check
-80x6 check
-85x3 (couldn't get anymore) dropped to 80x3
Pissed me off that I had to drop weight off. Ain't nothing worse than a pissed off redneck.

Lawnmower Pulls
Working Set-90x6 check
-95x6 check
-100x6 check

BB Shoulder Press
Working Set-115x6 check
-135x6 check
-145x6 check
That felt awesome. Can't weight till I can do 315 like 12 times like Lattimur in that movie The Program.

[B]1 Ten second static hold with 275lbs.
1 Three second hold burnout shrug set. 225x10
1 Ten second static hold with 325lbs.

All in all not a bad day. I was pretty pleased with everything except having to drop the weight off mid lift on my db presses but it's alright. I'll use it for fuel next week. I'm down to 270 lbs now. I haven't taken measurements in a while and don't have the energy to do it right now. Plus I don't like to do them right after a workout. I don't like false hopes. I'd rather get them on a day that I haven't lifted at all. I may do them tomorrow. I know I've gotten bigger. Lets just see if I've lost some gut.

big ol' boy
11-23-2005, 11:40 PM
Today, I went ahead and lifted instead of waiting till thursday. It wasn't bad. I went lighter and with higher reps.

Warmup-135x10 check
Working Set-165x10 check
-185x10 check
-205x10 check

Working Set-145x10 check
-145x10 check
-155x10 check

Working Set-135x10 check
-145x10 check
-155x10 check

Working Set-65x10 check
-75x10 check
-85x10 check

I really liked this day. It was different. I haven't went low weight/high rep in a long time so I kind of like a little change in there. Turned out to be a little more intense than I thought it would. I intended to go light but I got in there and felt good so I just went with it and went a little heavier than planned.

big ol' boy
03-23-2006, 10:29 PM
Alright, I haven't posted in this in a long time. I been doing a lot of research and experimenting and I've switched to mainly crossfit. I still do the max effort days and the 3x3 or 5x5 days it calls for. I don't stick strictly to their schedule. I definately workout on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I'll either do the workout they call for that day, look at some of the past WOD's, or do one of the "girls". Then if I feel like workin out on any of the other days, I do 1 of the 3 things I described before. I'll try and start posting here more. Today I did the deadlift max effort day. Here's the numbers (the L and the R indicate the left and right hand, and the O and the U indicate whether that hand was over or under).

3X205 LU RO
2X225 LO RU
2X245 LU RO
2X265 LO RU
1X275 LU RO
1X285 LO RU
1X255 LU RO (had to drop down because after this I couldn't even do 285 again)
1X255 LO RU
1X255 LO RO (once up I did a 30 second static hold for grip)

There you have it. I'll try and post more often from now on.

big ol' boy
09-27-2006, 11:40 PM
Haven't posted in here in a long time. Never was really good at keeping this thing updated. Latest news: I hurt my knee about 3 months ago. Not sure exactly what I've done b/c I never went to a doctor. I know that sounds stupid but I already know that even if it was a sprain the doc would tell me to lay on the couch with it propped up for 2 weeks. Well I can't do that. I got bills to pay and 2 weeks off work and I would lose everything. I can't even explain ho I hurt it. I just woke up one day and it was hurtin like a bitch. I laid off lifting for 1 month but still had to work. It hasn't even affected my job at all. Just sometimes when I put pressure on it the wrong way it sends a stinging pain through my knee. I just bend my knee cou[le of times and it goes a way. I dropped my lifts down quite a bit and I used Bill Starr's 5x5 to build them back up. I got tired of it and have now gone to a 2 day a week program. I'm still workin the kinks out of it but it seems to be doin the same for me. I can't do bench because my bench broke. It was a cheap one from wal-mart that I've had since I was little. It's not even regulated to hold me up much less added weight. Doesn't really bother me b/c I never really liked bench or cared about it that much anyways. My workout has turned into:

Day 1:
Squats 4x5
Military Press 4x5
Standing Tri Extenions 4x5 (Trying to find a way to do french press)
Pushups with my feet about 1 1/2 ft. off the ground 4x10

Thought about doing pushups with a backpack on and addind weight to accomidate for no bench. Can't think of another good leg workout. Any suggestions would be nice but please read on and I will list what equipment I have.

Day 2:
Deads 4x4 (During each set after I do 1 I switch my grip. Ex. right hand over left hand under for 1, then switch to right hand under left hand over, etc. etc. That way I get the same stress equally to help with symmetry)
SLDL 4x5 w/ double overhand grip
Bent over rows 4x5
pullups 2x20
Shrugs 2x5 with a 10 second hold at the peak

My equipment is as follows so if you can think of a few better lifts to so substitute or possibly add it would be appreciated.

Power rack
45 lb. barbell
4-45lb plates
2-25lb plates
Adjustable dumbells w/ 4-25's, 4-10's, and a bunch of 5's.
No bench and no access to gym. Nearest gym is is a 45-50 mile drive and it's not worth the gas money, time, and gym membership. Looking for a bench so that maybe I could do some more lifts but as I said earlier, I don't really care about doing bench or curls if anyone would think about adding that in. I have pretty big tri's so if I pick a arm specific lift it's usually those. Anyways, I plan on keeping this up more and I'll post next time with poundages on my lifts. Day 2 is tomorrow so I hope it goes well. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

big ol' boy
09-28-2006, 09:54 PM
Today was good. My little cousin won his football game and then I came home and lifted. I was kinda energized since I talked to my buddy who's still in high school. Yeah I know, a 21 year old hangin out with a 17 year old just seems weird. He's been 1 of my best buds for like 2 years now. Pretty damn mature for his age. Me and him and some buddies are goin spot lightin for coyotes. Just in case some don't know what that is, you sit in the back of a truck drinkin beer, listening to the most annoying screeching animal sounds on a radio, hoping to attract a coyote so you can shoot it. Mostly, it's just another rednecks reason to drink beer and play with guns. Awwwww, the simple life. I know if I would quit drinkin I'd do better on my lifting and losing weight, but I love beer and I love hangin with my friends and the majority of the time that is the only time I get to see some of my buds.

Anyways, here's today's workout:


Bent Over Rows
5x165(Trying to get used to the technique. I'll up the weight next week I hope.)


2 sets of 20

Shrugs(with a 10 second hold at the peak)

Not bad day I feel like. Numbers aren't very impressive but I'm slowly building them up so that I don't hurt my knee again. I don't even track my calories anymore. Every once in a while I'll look at the nutritional facts on boxes. I just eat. I'm more concerned about strength than anything. Kinda goin for more of a powerlifting direction. I like being big and maybe I'll lose some fat along the way, or put on enough muscle that a little fat don't really matter. Everybody has their own approach. If anyone has any suggestions on my workout on the day I do squats it would be greatly appreciated. I'm not too impressed with my setup there but I love deads day. I feel so awesome right now I'm thinkin about tracking down ronie coleman and punching him in the face.