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02-27-2001, 08:36 AM
I've had it!!

What do you think about your pussy ass idol eminem now? I can't believe this ****!

Anybody Killa is in hospital, and Norm is dead...

Below is the story from the ICP hotline and the story in the paper, names will be released soon.

Eminem and D12 are a bunch of pussies!

****! Anybody Killa is the shxt, he tours with Blaze and is part of the Psychopathic family.

Check this out, ninjas. I just got off the hotline and Violent J is up there telling a sad story. Apparently, Anybody Killa and his homie Norm were up at the club Hot Rocks (you know, the one Eminem pistol whipped some guy for kissing his wife at) in Warren, MI when there was like 10 guys from D-12, Eminem's group, there. Anybody Killa and Norm both had their Psychopathic leather jackets on so these ****ers decided to follow them to a gas station after they left. At the gas station, D-12 beat down Anybody Killa and Norm, got in their truck and ran over Norm twice leaving him dead and severely injuring Anybody Killa. Now listen... What the **** kinda people are these guys? ****ing taking somebody's LIFE because Eminem dislikes them! That's bull****! Norm had a girlfriend and a child with him on this earth and those ****ers just took him from them. I think I can speak for the entire Juggalo army right now and say that whenever we see you faggots, you better HOPE you get out alive! Cuz this ain't just about music feuds anymore, this is about taking somebody's life, our homie, a Juggalo, a Psychopathic warrior, Norm! To Norm's family and friends, I'm sorry for this loss but there is no doubt he is in a better place and you can bet the Juggalos will be praying for him. And to Eminem & D-12, you better hope the Dark Carnival has mercy on your worthless souls. Peace ninjas.

News Story

Warren police continue their investigation today into a Saturday morning bar fight that escalated into the slaying of one man, and an open murder charge for another.

Detectives plan to arraign a 23-year-old Detroit man Monday in connection with charges he allegedly ran over a 25-year-old St. Clair Shores man early Saturday with his car, killing him.

The incident occurred around 2:20 a.m. during a fight outside the BP gas station near Nine Mile Road and Hoover, said Warren police Det. Lt. Randy Willms.

Names of the victim and suspect were withheld by police Saturday.

But police believe tensions leading up to the death had begun just minutes earlier inside the nearby Hot Rock Sports Bar and Music Cafe on Hoover Road.

That's when the victim, his friends, and others involved in the gas station skirmish, had left the bar at closing time, eventually reassembling in the BP parking lot.

"There's some indication it (dispute) started as they got their coats at the coat check and it spilled into the parking lot," Willms said.

Warren police Det. Mark Christian wouldn't say what may have caused the initial argument, but that a "physical altercation," between the two groups occurred outside the BP station.

Police believe as many as eight to 10 people may have been involved in the fight, and that the murder suspect and three of his friends followed the victim and his friends to the gas station.

During the skirmish, the victim was hit by the suspect's gold Chevrolet Beretta car and was thrown into the street, police said. He was taken to Bi-County Community Hospital in Warren where he was pronounced dead a short time later, Willms said.

"It was a deliberate rundown," Willms said.

Following the collision, the group that had been feuding with the victim and his friends fled south on Hoover Road - the suspect in the Beretta, and the others in a green Jeep Cherokee - Willms said.

The Beretta was later found hidden in an alley in Detroit, but was traced back to the suspect, Willms said. He remains in the Warren County jail pending arraignment before 37th District Judge Dawnn Gruenburg. Additional assault charges may also be sought.

It is not known if others involved in the incident will be charged, Christian said.

Detectives are still seeking the occupants of the green Jeep Cherokee for questioning, and anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to call the detective bureau at (810) 574- 4810, Willms said.

The homicide is the city's second within six days.

On Tuesday, the body of 35-year-old Detroit resident Michael Jacks was found on Konczal Avenue, a quiet dead-end street near 10 Mile Road and Hoover Road.

Residents in the area had reported hearing gunfire around 11:30 p.m. Monday, but Jacks - who had been shot in the head - wasn't spotted until 5:15 a.m.

Police have not pinpointed a motive for the slaying, but drugs appear to be a factor. The case remains under investigation.

This also isn't the first time the Hot Rock Sports Bar and Music Cafe has drawn attention.

In April, rap music star Eminem was arrested on charges he threatened a man with a 9 mm handgun at the club. The confrontation occurred after Eminem, a Clinton Township resident, said he saw his wife, Kimberly, kissing another patron while at Hot Rock.

Hope you all took the time to read this. This is a HUMANS LIFE, don't say "oh well". This is over music...

what is this world coming to.

Rest in Peace my fallen Juggalo, the wagons will take you to your final resting place.

Twiztid :(