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02-27-2001, 10:56 AM
OK....here is the scoop: I have been researching for a while now about keto diets (CKD,TKD). I have read two books (read them twice) and finally kicked my self in the @$$ and started it on Sunday. So today is my third day on the diet. My plan is to go no carbs for a week and then turn it into a TKD. As of today I have had no noticeable efects of the diet (tiredness, hazy thinking). So I guess this is a good thing!! Before I went on the diet I weighed 210lbs, not sure of my bf % but I would guess 25%. I have been liftin for two full years now and have finally got on track with losing some body fat (I hope). Here is my diet (ya I know there isnt any numbers, yes I do have the cals, fat, pro, and carbs all worked out just dont have the info on me, I am at work)

4 eggs, and 3 slices of bacon

1 can of tuna with 3/4 tbsp of mayo

6oz burger patty with slice of cheese

1 can of tuna with 3/4 tbsp of mayo

this may vary, depends what Mom is cooking, but it is in the limits, yesterday it was 9oz of "cube" steak (beef round) with some spices added to it. If Mom makes nothing for me I will eat some more eggs (3 this time) with bacon OR cheese.

6oz burger patty with cheese

I usually get to bed at 11:30PM.

I lift at 7:00PM and I plan on adding some carb source when I go into TKD mode during the workout.

What do you guys and gals think??

I plan on purchasing a multi vitamin, what other supps would you recommend that are necessary(some fiber, EFA, antioxidant, you know what i mean)?? What others would help but are not necessary (something to make the fat come off)??

What is a good sweet tooth craving killer(I remember reading something about coolwhip, but I cannot remember)??

Finally, my goal.....As I stated before I am 210lbs (5'9.5").....my goal is to lose about 40lbs of fat and get below the 15%bf mark.

Please let me know what you think.


I got the numbers for my food....thought it would help

Total for the day= 171.2g Fat, 5.1g Carb, 225.3g Pro for a total of 2462 cals (63% fat, 37%pro)

Paul Stagg
02-27-2001, 11:27 AM
Good to hear you are feeling well.

I just started a TKD last week, I'm staqrting to feel a little better... I think it takes me a good week and a half to get used to it.

Everlything looks solid. For a TKD, I'd start with 30g of simple carbs (I use Smarties or Gatorade) about 30 mins prior to training, then about 25g pro immediately following training, then a meat and fat meal about an hour or so after that. Increse the carbs if you have trouble completing your workouts.

Definately need a multivitamin, and I use extra C. Fiber will keep everything moving, salads can help with that as well (I try to eat at least one big salad of lettuce or spinach every day, topped with a high fat dressing like Ceasar.)

I also use a thermogenic.

You can expect 5-10 pounds of water loss in the first week or so. Drink as much water as you can.

I use sugar free jello and a little Redi-Whip to satisfy sugar cravings, and I use pork rinds to satisfy crunch cravings, along with celery and cucumber (careful to not overdo the veggies, though)

02-27-2001, 12:37 PM

according to what I have read, ketogenic diets do little more than deplete water from your liver. (Glycogen in the liver is 1 part glycogen to 3 parts water or something like that).

if you want to cut aggressively in a short period of time it may work but you will probably gain back all the weight once you go off of it.

to burn fat and cut you have to do cardio and have a caloric deficit, this is not a novel idea so people assume that since it is not the latest and greatest way, it must not work. it does work.

Paul, how has it worked for you?

Paul Stagg
02-27-2001, 02:10 PM

There are drawbacks, but for me, a TKD below maintenance led to an increase in LBM and a loss of bodyfat, and the only thing that happened when I came off the diet was gaining about 5 pounds of water in the first 2 weeks, which just added to the lbm number.

The main two drawbacks are the dehydration (which can lead to injury), and the inability to recover from an injury without carbs.

Another drawback is the lethargy, brain fog, and lack of training energy. The training lethargy can be manipulated by carb intake pre workout...

I've done a TKD twice, once for about 8 weeks (ended due to injury), and once for about 2 weeks (I just couldn't take it any more)

I'm on my third one now, and I changed my strategy a little... I started dieting about 5 weeks ago by reducing caloric intake to 12xbw... and dropped about 1.5 pounds a week... I got used to dieting, got used to the discipline (got used to not drinking beer...). As soon as I started to drop LBM (week 4), I switched to a TKD. the first week is usually the worst for me, I've skipped one workout, but I'm getting used to the diet.

I'll stay keto for 8 weeks, then do 4 more weeks of 'normal' dieting if I still need to drop more BF.

The reason keto works so well for some people is that you stop using carbs for energy, so you stop converting protein to glucose in the liver, so you hold on to more muscle.

I've found that while keto dieting, i look REALLY flat, I look like I've dropped a bunch of muscle, but that is just the water loss.

02-27-2001, 11:27 PM
I just got my copy of NHE and started the diet yesterday. I think its working. ALthough I'm mentally alert, I feel kind of tired, which I never do. Hopefully my body will get into keto soon and I'll feel better. I was bulking using conventional means for the past two weeks and I feel and look like a tub. Hopefully the NHE program will work for me. I did a low-carb diet once last year and it worked well, I lost like 10 lbs and have kept them off(until I started builking, that is.) It seems to me that if you do keto to strip fat and go back to a well balanced diet of good food, you wont gain any fat back. The biggest problem is, of course, people thinking you are CRAZY!

03-01-2001, 10:06 AM
Bumpity Bump for Miss Abs or anyone else!!


03-01-2001, 11:38 AM
Looks ok to me....

I prefer, regardless of the low carb type of dieting that you are doing, from NHE< TDK, or CDK, or even CAD type diets to use more clean fats and leaner sources of proteins.

If you are going to do this much work to lean out, then use the healthiest foods possible.

Just something to think about.
Water- make sure you drink till you float!

I would rather see glutamine used as a craving tool than to use the jello with the asparatame also it has been show that many are sensitive enought to sweetner type products that it may create a stall in the fat loss, so another thing to think about.

I personally after about 48 hours, do not have any training or strength issues while working with this type of diet.

Next thought: I prefer a carb load that is less frequent when you have higher amounts of body fat to lose than a daily cycle of carbs. It is just faster on the fat loss.
Yes, you do look flat, however fat is fat and you never really can tell if you are fat or flat when the bodyfat percentages are over 20%. SO I say, get over it, use fat as your primary fuel source and then work on a daily infusion of carbs, if getting lean is the first priority.

Also working with active carb counts, surely will help to increase the fiber in the diet and the volume of food you can eat.

Those are my thoughts...

03-01-2001, 12:37 PM
Thanks Miss A,

I dropped you an email about the multi and other stuff.