View Full Version : The I Suck Manifesto

09-02-2005, 09:11 PM
Currently 23, 6'4" & 159 lbs dry.
Been lifting for about 2 years now. Started out around 180 lbs, 15ish BF%. First bulk got to about 206 but I wasn't eating clean and most of it was fat. Cut and lost most of my strength. Second bulk hit about 202 lbs eating clean (relatively) still got too fat, only had marginal strength gains. I was at 21% BF and couldn't bench much more than 140x8. I was a chubby skinny guy. Injured myself (I believe I partially collasped a small part of my lung) and decided to cut, but this time really get the body fat low. So here I am at roughly 11% BF, I could probably get it lower but my body doesn't want to easily shed any more fat. Besides what's the point of being any more cut when you look like a walking scarecrow? When I see myself in the mirror from farther away at the gym, my calves and forearms look like sticks, it is pretty disgusting. It is to the point where I occasionally get insults thrown at me.
The goal now is to try and eat clean, and only aim for about 1/2 a pound of weight per week. I have read for thin guys if you try to add too fast your body tends to just produce fat. Even though I am thin it isn't very hard to put on weight, just hard to add muscle or strength. I want to become more dedicated to eating enough protein however, and I am thinking of buying some pure casein powder to make a breakfast milkshake every morning, then take pure whey right after workouts. I am going to be monitoring my progress with dated pictures and a log of my weight and BF%. I will probably do a modified WBB1 since there is some stuff on there I cannot do, like squats and deadlifts.
Here goes nothing.