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09-09-2005, 12:51 PM
Hi all, I'm about 235-240 lbs, 5'10", 19-22% bf, 21 yrs old. Time to cut.

I would love to shoot for around 2-3 lbs per week, I can deal with a little muscle loss, I'm just tired of being so puffy.

Here's my plan:

6:00am: 25mg eph, 200 mg caf (may add yohimbine hcl as well)
6:15am breakfast: 8 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 5g fishoils
9:30am: 25 mg eph 200 mg caf
11:30am: 25mg eph 200mg caf
12:00pm lunch: .5 lb 4% fat ground beef, 1 piece low fat cheese slice, .5 cup oats, .5 cup skim milk.
2:45: pre workout: 1 scoop whey, 2.5g CEE
3:00pm: 25 mg eph
3:30-3:45, Lift
4:40-4:50 post workout: 2.5 g CEE, 1 scoop whey, 1 scoop Cytovol(By eas, 18g glucose polymers and 5 g glutamine) OR .5 cup oats.
6:00pm: 2 cans chunk light low sodium tuna, 1 piece low fat cheese slice
8:00pm: 3 cups spinach, 1 cup diced chicken breast
10:00pm: 1 cup ff cottage cheese, 1 scoop whey, 5 g fishoils.

Some days it will vary a bit with my protein and carb sources, different lean meats and wheat bread instead of oats.
This should come out to be somewhere around 2100-2200 cals, 50-60 g fat, 80-90 g carbs, 300-330 g protein.

I'm wondering if I should have a meal between breakfast and lunch, All i could really have is a shake during that time...

Also wondering if the timing of my carbs is ideal, or should have have some closer to workout time? And should i stick with the glucose polymers or oats post workout? Or would a more simple carb such as a piece of fruit be more ideal?

My training is as follows:
Mon: Chest
Tues: Bi's
Wed: Tri's
Thurs: shoulders/traps
Friday: Back
Sat: light am cardio, legs
Sun: light am cardio

I will also be doing 40-50 mins of walking on an empty stomach on sat and sun mornings, and follow with my usual breakfast.

Any suggestions are welcome, thanks

09-09-2005, 01:05 PM
those cals seem low for somebody of your weight. i weigh 230 pounds at 20% or over bf and im cutting at 3000 cals 300+p 100-150c and 100+fat. i would have them fats up higher atleast 0.5g perpound of bodyweight as good fats help boost testosterone and more. base ure carbs round your meals. i would first spend a week or 2 finding your maintanence then cut about 500cals for about 1pound per week or 700 and u might get 2. check my journal if u want. im weighing myself 2moro and hopefuly i should have lost 2 pound or i may need to drop a little fiurther but i lost 1 pound in 5 days last week.

09-09-2005, 01:36 PM
I agree - fats need to come up to at least 0.5g/lb LBM. And your goals for fat loss may be optimistic - a pound a week is good, two is …challenging. Make sure you toss in a good cheat meal/hour/day every week if you go REALLY low in the cals. I plan mine for the day of or the day before a REALLY heavy workout.

Fruit is not an ideal post workout carb because of the fructose - oats pre and post is good, or your glucose polymers (AKA maltodextrin), although I find on a cut, dex/malto just makes me too damned hungry. I stick with oats pre and post unless I'm bulking, but that's just me. If your pre-workout nutrition is dialled in, post workout nutrition can include starchy carbs rather than glucose/dex.

I might add another protein and carb meal after your workout, the rest of your meals are correctly protein with fat and fibrous veggies - try some broccoli maybe? On a cut, green veggies are your friends (no peas!). And a little saturated animal fat does a body good, testosterone-wise.

Instead of the LOOOONG AM empty cardio, how about 20 minutes fast walking in the AM, and 20 minutes fast walking after you lift? You'll be less catabolic in the AM that way, and you'll burn off FFAs mobilized by the lifting. Do that after leg days, and maybe one or two sessions of HIIT after upper body days if you like. I do my HIIT on treadmills, as follows:

3-5 minutes: fast incline walk for warmup (3.5 MPH, 10% grade)
8 minutes of 30-second alternating intervals of sprinting (8-9 MPH, 0% grade) and walking (3.5 MPH, 10% grade)
5-8 minutes of fast incline walking to burn off FFAs and cool down.

09-09-2005, 02:16 PM
I'll add some more fats. No natty pb for me though, I love it too much, can't trust myself with it around the house.

I'd love to throw in some almonds or maybe a muscle milk rtd (320 cals, 18g fat, 12 g carb, 32g pro)

09-09-2005, 03:13 PM
I'd love to throw in some almonds or maybe a muscle milk rtd (320 cals, 18g fat, 12 g carb, 32g pro)Um...are you taking that with water or something? With milk it's almost 700 cals.

09-09-2005, 05:30 PM
rtd = ready to drink, not the powder