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09-12-2005, 05:46 AM
hello. Its been a long time since I posted on here, i doubt anyone will remember me anyways, I was more of a lurker.

My question/concern; I work in this produce warehouse right now, 4 days a week during the night for 8 hours. Its basicaly moderate intensity cardio for the whole duration, im trying to gain weight and my metabolism is quite fast.
Thats where my problem is, it doesn't seem like i can consume enough calories to overcome all that I burn at this cursed place lol. im currently on a diet of mostly meat, wheat, and milk with a bit of of everything else. Ive calculated how many calories I eat , it comes to about 3000 on a good day, but thats with me eating when on and off break lol. I tend to stay away from the shakes for ive heard that because the calorie intake is so large per serving, ones body will end up just putting most of it out the other end. Don't know if this is true maybe someone can shed some light on this. I can't switch jobs right now so thats out of the question, are there certain foods that are extremely high in calories/healthy? I'm a "hard gainer" so it should mean i can eat pretty much anything but im not sure. I need somone knowledgeable to steer me in right direction with this lol. Hope what I put across made at least some sense to you all. Here are my stats and training

34" waist
bf...?12%? lol
Chest: flat bench 5x5 to failure
dumbell flys 8x3 to failure
back: pull ups --5 x 5 (failure)
bent over rows--5x5 (failure)

thurs: tris--behind neck dumbell 8x3
skull crushers 6-8x4
Bi--- Concentration curls 8x3
close pull ups 8x3

fri; legs --squats 5x5 (failure)
lunges 5x5(failure) :cry:

09-12-2005, 06:15 AM
Shakes are just like food. Your body uses them just the same. Shakes are also an easy way to get in more calories. I usually have 3 24.oz shakes per day. If you want to get bigger, you have to eat more.

09-12-2005, 08:08 AM

Ive calculated how many calories I eat , it comes to about 3000 on a good day, but thats with me eating when on and off break lol.

3000 on a "Good Day"? Man that's not going to cut it. I would look at 3000cals/day as a minimum for you.

I assume when you refer to "shakes" in your OP, you are talking about weight gainer shakes? Those are not the only kind of shakes you can make.

My morning shake consists of:
8oz juice
3-4 Strawberries
1 Medium Banana
38g Protein powder
1cup oats

I also have a post w/o shake with protein, natty PB, oats and milk.

Shakes are an easy way of getting xtra cals b/t your regular meals where you actually chew your food instead of just drinking it. :)

Check this thread (http://www.wannabebigforums.com/showthread.php?t=46565) for bodybuilder food choices.